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Why You Need Home Pest Control During COVID More Than Ever  


Do you need home pest control for a property you own? More specifically, do you need home pest control during the COVID pandemic? The answer to both of these questions is yes. And to be honest, home pest control is needed more than ever during the COVID crises. You see, there are several reasons for this:

Why home pest control is vitally important during the COVID crises

  1. Food stores are attracting pests

Many people in the UK have stockpiled food in order to avoid leaving the house during lockdown. Others are doing massive once a week shops. The problem with this is that it means there’s far more food in the house than usual. And it’s these large stockpiles which are attracting pests. If these pests get into your stocks, you’ll have to throw the food away. Not only that, you’ll have to make another hair raising trip to the grocery store. This basically means money down the drain, says Nick from Pest Exterminators Cambs, who operate residential pest control services in Cambridge and the surrounding towns. This waste is something you can avoid, continues Nick. These problems can be tackled with professional pest control.

  1. Pests are migrating

You’re probably unaware of this, but we’re seeing huge pest migrations at the moment. Certain pests, like rats, are flooding out of the city and into suburban areas. This is because there is no more food left for pests in the city. Due to lockdowns all across Cambridge and the UK, most restaurants have been shuttered for months. This means that rodents can no longer forage from them. As a result these starving animals are leaving the city centre and making their way further afield. In order to prevent these vermin from entering your house, it’s important that you have home pest control.

  1. More rubbish is generated

Because people are spending more time at home, they are also generating more rubbish. For example, people rarely eat out these days. Instead, they are cooking most meals at home. This means there is a massive increase in rubbish and food waste. Cambridge residents are also shopping online more than ever. This has led to an increase in rubbish like packaging and boxes. This food waste and rubbish is attracting pests, and its why you need home pest control.

  1. Services are being curtailed

Speaking of rubbish, many areas are curtailing rubbish collection. Instead of coming once a week, the bin men are collecting fortnightly. This means rubbish is backing up in our homes and this in turn attracts pests. Many people are sitting with enormous piles of rubbish in their Cambridgeshire homes, and have no idea what to do with it.

  1. You’re spending more time at home

The reality is that pests are primarily attracted by the presence of human beings. They are drawn like a magnet to anywhere that we live. There are many reasons for this. From the availability of food, to the rubbish we generate, and the fact that they can live in our homes. What this means is that anyplace where you spend a lot of time will eventually attract vermin. And because most of us are stuck indoors during the pandemic, we are seeing more pests in our homes.

  1. Our homes are messier

People are spending almost all of their time at home these days. This means our homes are messier than average. From crumbs in the lounge to dirty bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, many houses have turned into pig stys. This, of course, is creating the perfect living conditions for pests.

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