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Benefits Offered by Tiki Thatch Rolls for Roof Construction Needs 


It does not matter whether you have a modern loft or an old building, the feeling thatch evokes has been relatively unique and hard to imitate with fabricated materials. Let us delve into a few essential benefits of using Tiki Thatch Rolls for your roof construction needs. 

Environment friendly 

Thatch has been a natural material. It makes it sustainable and renewable. It would be pertinent to mention here that the pleasing aesthetics would easily complement an environment where the building and nature should come together effortlessly. 

Water and UV-proof 

Due to the material and the structure, thatched roofs would be naturally water and UV proof. They would make the best roofs to meet your specific needs without burning a significant hole in your pocket. 


The thatch has been relatively kind to nature. It is also one of the best natural insulators in the present market. It would help illuminate the need for any additional insulating materials immediately. 


The flexibility of the material makes thatch an incredibly versatile roof. It would help the designers bend and shape it in the most interesting and different ways. 

Creating extra space 

As the required pitch of a thatched roof ensures the water runs down for keeping the thatch dry and healthy, it would automatically create extra space. Therefore, an old, dusty attic could easily be transformed into a studio, Airbnb loft, or an additional room. It would require minimum effort and renovations. 

Why use a thatch roof 

There have been numerous reasons why thatched roof materials have become relatively popular with people. It offers a positive impact on the environment. It would also provide a unique and elegant appearance. 

Thatch roofs could be used for commercial or residential purposes. It would help provide a relaxing and exotic vibe to any structure. If you were unsure what kind of thatch you should use, consider looking for a natural thatch or synthetic thatch. 

What makes the thatch environment-friendly? 

An environment-friendly thatch would be 100% natural and woven into a finished form. Unlike the other available roofing materials, toxic substances, and chemical treatments would not be required for producing a natural thatch roof. 

The other available traditional roofs need layers of materials for effective insulation and protection of the structure below. This layering may not necessarily be thatch. It is naturally waterproof when woven properly and caters to your insulation needs. 

How do natural thatch panels shed rain? 

Thatch reed panels have been manufactured from a natural thatch reed bonded together with a flexible urethane top strip. The technique would form a tough and virtually waterproof thatch panel or thatch shingle. The outer layer of the reed has been a natural wax coat that beads moisture. When installed at angles larger than 35 degrees, gravity would pull the moisture down the shaft of the reed and prevent it from soaking into the thatch. 

It would not be wrong to suggest that a thatch roof is a signal that you could relax under it in the best possible way. It has been the perfect vibe for a home, bar, or vacation spot. 


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