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Glass railing-Glass types & advantages

The most common glass used in a glass railing are usually tempered glass thickness 8mm,10mm,12mm, or a laminated glass combined with 2 layer glass,thickness 13.5mm,17.5mm and even 21.5mm used in commercial buildings.

The advantages of glass railing are clear when we compare it to traditional steel railings.

The first and most obvious advantage is the fact that it is made with safety glass. With a glass railing the glass does the hard work of stopping people falling through the railings. It also stops people from being injured by the way the glass breaks on impact and skids across the floor.

Tempered glass are 3-5 times stronger than clear float glass,and laminated glass are combined 2 pieces of tempered glass with much stronger strength which can extend the life of the glass by another few decades. The combination of strength, safety glazing and a longer lifespan makes laminated glass almost unbreakable.

The 2nd advantage is glass offers an clear view for users and ,increase the railing appearance.Compared with steel railings,glass railing always looks more beautiful and much better feeling to users.

However, it does have its disadvantages. Although glass railings provide much more safety, they are much harder to install than traditional ones. Before installation the width of the glass must be measured accurately. In this case,standard glass panels with fixed with and height will be perfect or your house,by adjusting the glass distance ,glass railing installation will be much easier and also save much costs and time waiting for your customized glass production.

Installing glass railing systems in your home will add value to your property and increase its appeal. However, it is worth spending a little more time and money to make sure that you get glass railing systems that are well-made. It is worth remembering that quality glass work comes at a price, and you cannot always guarantee that the quality will be good. The better the quality the higher the price. If you want to reduce your investment and make your house looking good, you should consider all the options available,for example,for large scale projects,please consider customize your glass panel from China building glass manufacturers,the super quality and only 50% price will ensure you finish a better project with same budget. The glass experts will also offer professional suggestions confirming the final glass types,railing types,and even hardware systems.

For small projects,please try to use the stock standard glass panels from your local glass wholesalers,even through the price is higher,it does save your time and energy selecting the right glass.

As we mentioned above,tempered glass & laminated glass price are also different.Tempered glass will break into small fragments and collapse after breakage,while laminated glass won’t,once 1 piece glass break,another glass will hold the structure and keep glass integrity,laminated glass offers much better protection and price is always 2 times or even higher than same thickness tempered glass.

Make your wide decision based on your budget and application conditions.


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