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Fun Energy-Boosting Indoor Features that Keep Kids Fit

In Melbourne, summer can be extremely hot and sometimes the sun is too harsh for outdoor play. But, the kids go crazy because not being able to expend their energy means they have lots to burn.

Sometimes it can be hard to choose suitable activities for indoors, but some parents have created some fantastic ideas incorporated into their children’s bedrooms and have inspired many people.

From wall climbing, ball hoops and indoor swings, the ideas are endless. If you have space and the inclination, these features might be an excellent fit for your home to keep your family busy on those long days.

  1. Ropes

Possibly one of the most versatile pieces of equipment, this indoor activity rope can be rigged up by an expert from the roof. Once safely secured, your kids will have the best fun swinging from it and climbing up.

Combined with creative decore and stylish walls will create an environment that is inviting and cheerful, and a perfect play space for those days when outdoors isn’t an option.

  1. Conquering Climbing Walls

Mountaineers need to start somewhere, so why not start them young by taking advantage of high ceilings with some hand and footholds against a background picture of the world or a mountain that your kids can ‘climb’. Putting some thick mats on the floor are a great safety precaution for any falls.

  1. Indoor Swings

Nothing is more exciting for kids (and adults) than an indoor swing. There is something magical about pumping your legs to get up high and feel the excitement of that feeling like your in the clouds, or in this situation, you may need to use your imagination.

An important consideration if you decided a swim is right for your home, in particular a child’s bedroom, be sure to consider the dimensions of the area. It’s an ideal option for a large room.

  1. Fireman’s Poles

There are so many imaginative situations that can happen from having poles in your home for sliding down. Combined with other hiding spots in the room, there are many games of bat woman and spider boys waiting to happen.

  1. Ladders to Climb

There is a lot of fun that can happen when you have places to climb. Ladders are well suited to a lot of creative play for any time of the day. Its primary purpose may be to climb into a bunk but with room underneath, attaching a sheet to the ladder, and the side of the bed makes the space into a fun cubby, particularly on a rainy day. Your children will come up with some fantastic ideas from their imagination which may include dangling toys off the ladder.

  1. Indoor Campsites

It’s a lot warmer and just as much fun to camp indoors. You can achieve this in many ways, including setting up a pop-up tent or turning your children’s bed into a tent-like creation with torches, LED Lights, marshmallows, games and sleeping bags.

  1. Indoor Gym

Whether in a rumpus room or converted garage, creating a space for activity and quiet play can be challenging, however, it can be achieved. Having some rings, swings and rope ladders hanging from the roof and all the other toys, books and games to the side that can be pulled out when your children want to use them creates a perfect balance. We suggest not forgetting the safety mats, though.

  1. Indoor Playground

Sometimes referred to as a playroom, but taken to a whole new level, is creating an indoor playground for your little ones to romp about. They can absorb outdoor like surroundings by the use of artificial turf, seesaws, slides and perhaps even a mini trampoline because kids love jumping around. Add a mural with flowers, bees, butterflies, and trees will set the scene for an indoor/outdoor place of fun.

  1. Creating Zones

For the energetic child, creating zones through the use of rugs, raised floors, table, chairs, a soft reading spot, and some active sets such as a net and rings is the perfect combination. Separating the quiet zones from the busy areas will give them different areas to move about in when there are many wet days in a row.

  1. Let’s Shoot Hoops

Parents, if you can put up with the noise, the erecting a basketball hoop in your children’s bedroom is an activity that they will enjoy engaging in for many years. In fact, they may never grow out of it! IF you want to avoid damage to the walls, then provide them with softer balls so they can play any time of the day or night. They not only help your child expend some energy but contribute to the development of hand-eye coordination.

  1. Hanging Out in Hammocks

For kids that like to read or enjoy finding quiet spaces, they are likely to appreciate a hammock they can lie back in and enjoy getting lost in a world of imagination. This is likely to be a hit with older children and teens who may even enjoy it as space to sleep.

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