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Significant features to include in bathroom remodeling

The reasons most homeowners look for bathroom remodeling racine wi are many. Some do it to get rid of the outdated decor, awkward layout, inefficient fixture, lack of storage, or even for a higher price listing. Yet some do the bathroom remodeling to add a substantial personal touch to every nook of their home. Before heading for the remodeling, there are some essential features that the homeowners need to consider. Here are some vital tips on some of the features to ensure the renovation to be successful and make you worth every penny spent.


Bathrooms are extremely hard to clean. To ensure a clean and new-looking bathroom, select the finishes such as Quartz counters that are durable, stay fresh for a longer duration, and take lesser time to maintain.

Opt for the inexpensive, durable, and unique luxury vinyl tiles for a beautiful look, grains, and feel that is easy to clean. Another option is the large-tile-designed porcelain tile that is resistant to stains and does not need any sealant.

Most people find the foggy shower panels with streaks are difficult to clean, time-consuming, and costly. Go for the fog and streak-proof variety designed specially not to fog up. If you like changing the mirror in the bathroom, check for the fog/streak-proof mirrors, which are a great option.

Energy efficiency

When remodeling the bathroom, the primary focus should be on functionality and energy efficiency. Reducing the volume of water consumption helps in reducing the amount of electricity consumption, water shortage and saves some amount in the utility bills. By installing the right kind of fixtures is the key. Use fixtures that maximize energy efficiencies, such as tank-less water heaters, low-flow toilets and faucets, energy-saving lighting or LED lighting, ventilation fans, and insulated windows.

Adequate lighting

Add bright lights, windows, and skylights to make the bathroom look gorgeous and livelier.  Combinations of lighting systems can be used for varied purposes throughout the bathroom. Reflective finishes and surfaces are also a great choice.

Add LED lights for energy efficiency. It helps to use less energy, last longer, offer design elements, and can even be used safely near water.

Add a lot of storage

Storage in the bathroom is extremely essential. It benefits in storing the toiletries, towel, and more neatly in the bathroom. Add the extra storage closet on a wall or built-in shelving provides enough space for organizing the things to offer an aesthetic look. Open shelves are also a great choice to make the bathroom looking bigger. Decorative bins, baskets, or cartons can be used to store items on the shelves.

Choose the paint color sensibly

The paint color also helps in making the small room bigger and brighter. Try to choose the color that matches the wall and floor tiles. You can even pull out a wall to make it an accent wall with beautiful decorations.


Mold and mildew give grouse look to the bathroom. Install an appropriate CFMs ventilation fan in your bathroom. Quieter and stylish ventilation fans are available for you to remodel the bathroom.

Bathroom designers can guide you with great ideas for remodeling the bathroom and help you understand the range of options to choose from various materials, types, and designs. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor for bathroom remodeling and offer complete service Design and Builder Firm.

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