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Convenient Bamboo flooring in Sydney

Bamboo is grass and thus has a more fast replenishing nature than trees. It makes bamboo high applicable for flooring. The bamboo used is exported from China via ships and then processed according to flooring before installation. Apart from being available in plenty, bamboo has a higher strength than many wooden materials and is less prone to scratches. Bamboo is known for uniformity, and this reflects on the bamboo flooring too. While the usage of this flooring is considered eco-friendly, the use of chemical resins in its processing and installation has been a matter of debate for a long time. bamboo flooring canberra is done after a thorough analysis of the space by a team of flooring experts depending upon the type of bamboo flooring chosen:

Horizontal Bamboo Flooring: This flooring is done by cutting the strands into thin strips and then sticking them using formaldehyde resin. It contains grains that are visible after installation. Less integrity between the strands results in the low durability of this flooring.

Stranded Bamboo Flooring: Compressing the bamboo stalks by using heat and pressure and then cutting them into thin planks of suitable dimensions. This bamboo flooring contains tongues and grooves, which can be easily settled down using nails. It can be directly applied over plywood, sheathing grade. For wafer boards or particleboard, the only adhesive should be used.

Engineered Bamboo Flooring: This flooring is installed by sticking a thin layer of bamboo onto plywood or a medium density fibreboard (MDF) using chemical adhesives. Their low cost and strength make them ideal for short-term flooring.

To give the existing floor a makeover, laminate flooring provides the perfect elegance at no higher cost. Laminate flooring is done by fixing laminates of the desired colour and texture over the existing surfaces. Laminate is made using engineered wood by clinging different layers of wood together using a moist-resistant adhesive. The use of wood can vary according to the patterns and colour to be adapted. These are quickly gaining popularity as they can be easily applied and robust apart from low price. Timber laminate flooring can be done by applying laminate strips over the surface with a suitable glue and polished for added appearance. These protect the flooring, although these are not spill-proof.

Wooden flooring is the most versatile form of flooring available these days as they do not need much installation and maintenance, plus they are easily available in different patterns. Finishing can be optional depending upon the type of wood used. Several types of wooden flooring are done upon the choice of the individual and the geographical area. Laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, parquet flooring, Bamboo flooring, and cork flooring are common. Each type of flooring requires a moisture-free surface before its installation and regular polishing and cleaning with a suitable solution for its maintenance. Termites and fire can easily damage the flooring and must be kept away to prevent damage.

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