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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Hardwood Flooring?

The retail value of houses installed with hardwood flooring is often greater than those without, making hardwood the growing first choice of flooring for homeowners. However, installing hardwood could be pricey, and a tedious installation process could put anyone off. But basing your decision on only 2 cons would be erroneous. Hardwood flooring enhances style with its neutral colors. It also adds a feel of luxury without emptying your savings.

Hardwood flooring in Peterborough is becoming popular and we want you to have a sneak into why homeowners are trusting this material, and why others remain skeptical.

What is the advantage of hardwood flooring?

1. Durability

The best quality of hardwood flooring is its durability. Hardwood can last for over 100 years with good yet minimal maintenance. You don’t need to go through the hassle of flooring every 20 years with a properly installed hardwood floor.

2. Improved House Value

Hardwood immediately adds value to any home. It increases the price of the house in the market and also makes it sell faster. Home hunters and retailers are aware of the benefits and thereby, favor houses with hardwood

3. Low Maintenance

Hardwood only requires minimal maintenance. By simply sweeping and vacuuming once a week, your hardwood floor can reach 100 years in good health. Avoid spills and always keep your hardwood dry.

4. Stylish

Hardwood is available in a variety of colors, shades, and different types of wood. Hardwood also blends with all types of decoration and designs. It is also classy and has a traditional feel.

What are the Disadvantages of Hardwood Flooring?

1. Pricey

While hardwood packs some of the best advantages in flooring, it is expensive, and thereby limited to a few. Unlike carpet and a few other cheap options, hardwood can be a financial burden.

2. Prone to water damage

Hardwood floors have their kryptonite and it is water. Avoid seepage and harsh detergents. Clean spills immediately. While hardwood fits every room, avoid installing it in your bathroom and kitchen.

3. Prone to scratch

Hardwood floors don’t do well with scratches and can easily be scratched. Install furniture pads on the legs of all your furniture. Also, avoid shoes inside the house.

4. Noisy

Hardwood becomes an irritable source of noise pollution after a few decades, which is quickened by water pollution. If the noise is disturbing your neighbors or even you, then placing a rug over the surface will do well to reduce the noise.

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