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How Do You Know If You Need Permission For Tree Removal From Your Council?

Tree removal in Victoria can be quite tricky as trees are protected by the local council. Trees are an essential part of our environment, and as an essential piece of our eco-system, it is good to protect them. If you are planning to get a tree removed from your property, then you might need permission from the council. Breaching any of the local council policies may lead to hefty fines and punishments.

However, not all trees require permission, and the rules depend on the species of the trees, the tree’s situation, or if it is unsafe to human life or the property.

If the tree on your property is dead, hazardous, fallen, too small to be considered significant, or it’s too close to your house, then you will not need permission to remove it.

You may not need permission in the above situations, but it is crucial to inform the council about the tree removal you are about to do. There are some documents that the council require before moving ahead with tree cutting, even if they meet the necessary criteria.

The document should have a record of the tree with images that clearly show the tree is a risk to your property, or it is dead or damaged, proof of the risk that the tree poses and a statement that verifies tree removal is the only action required to eliminate the threat. A professional arborist can help you get all these reports.

According to the local council, the risks that are dangerous and need immediate attention are:

  • damaged root systems
  • visible soil heave or crack
  • root decay
  • trees damaged by a storm
  • defects like splitting branches

The council can take legal actions if you are found guilty of making a false report on the tree’s condition to get rid of it.

How Do I Know If The Council Protects My Trees?

There are a couple of ways to find out if the tree in your yard is protected. First, check out the local laws for tree service anchorage ak in your area. Secondly, get in touch with a local and verified arborist and ask them if the tree can be removed.

The second option is preferable as the local tree service providers have more information about the rules and regulations. As I said above, you will need a licensed arborist to make a detailed report for you. It is also the best option for your safety, to work with the local tree service providers.

Will The Council Remove The Tree For Me?

Though you have to get permission from the council for tree removal, they will not remove any tree on your personal property – the irony. The only trees the council will remove if damaged, are the ones in public areas, such as parks.

Once they give you the approval, you will have to hire an arborist around your area and get the tree removed.

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