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Exterior Paint: All That You Need To Know

If you’re planning to paint or re-paint your house with the help of residential exterior painters tampa fl there’s a lot to know before you do so. A painting job is not easy and you have to know the best kinds of paint and the difference between all the kinds of paint. It sounds complicated and honestly a lot but it isn’t so at all. We’re here to answer some of the most common questions about exterior paints.

What is exterior paint and how to choose one?

The exterior paint (สี ทา ภายนอก which is the term in Thai) of a house is a thicker paint made to withstand harsh weather conditions like sun, UV rays, rain, strong winds, and snow. The main difference between interior and exterior paints is that exterior paint is made with flexible resins to withstand the changing seasons whereas interior paints are made with rigid resins to combat scuffing. 

You need to choose a durable base for exterior paint like latex so that it’s easy to clean and doesn’t crack from the expansion and contraction with the seasonal changes. For the finish, the best option is a satin finish because it’s low reflective with a slight gloss to it. It hides imperfections better than gloss finish, is easy to clean, and stays longer than a matte finish, but admittedly the finish depends on your aesthetics. 

Why paint the exterior again?

The most common reason to change the exterior paint is the aesthetic choice. You might not like the existing paint of your new house or it might just be time for a change but there are more reasons for you to do so, protection being the main one. The exterior paint saves you against a termite infestation- a new coat of paint will stop the insects in their tracks which will prevent a costly renovation later. 

With time the exterior paint must have worn down. Once you’re seeing signs of wear and tear on the paint, it’s best to repaint the house. This will save money in the future because you won’t have to fight mold or cracks on the walls of your house. Always remember, the exterior paint protects your house from all the evils outside. 

Some Ideas

The color choice depends on your style but chooses one that seems warm and inviting. Create contrasts and shadows to create more depth and make it look beautiful.

Hope we could help with all your queries and soothe your worries regarding exterior paint.

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