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5 Things to Know About Motorized Blinds

When you want to renovate your home or just update the appearance of your rooms, motorized blinds are some of the best window treatments to use. These window treatments don’t only improve the look of your living space, but they can also increase your comfort and convenience.

But there are some things you should know about these blinds. So, we will show 5 things that you should know about motorized blinds.

1. Motorized blinds have varying control options

Motorized blinds can be controlled with the aid of a remote. The remote can raise, lower, or tilt them whenever you want. Factually, this is the most common control option for motorized window blinds.

However, you can also control your motorized blinds with a mobile app. Lots of window companies have mobile apps that can be used for controlling blinds via Android or iOS devices.

The last option is wall control. This control will be connected to any part of your home. Although wall control is also good, it seems to be the less convenient option of the three means to control motorized blinds.

2. There are various types of motorized blinds

Based on their source of power, motorized window blinds are available in various types. The first and most common type is a battery-based motorized blind. Battery-powered blinds have a battery tube that is hidden somewhere around the window treatment.

The second option is hard-wired. Notably, hard-wired window blinds have a power adapter that can be plugged into a power outlet. They are usually the best choice for large blinds that could be draining the battery quickly. Unlike battery-powered blinds, hard-wired blinds don’t require regular charging or replacement of the batteries.

The last option is a solar-powered blind. As the name suggests, solar-based window blinds have a rechargeable battery that is charged frequently by the attached solar panels.

3. They can quite expensive

When compared to regular window blinds, motorized blinds are more expensive. This is because of their integrated motors and technologies. Besides, they offer additional convenience that comes at a price.

4. They make your home or office safer and more comfortable

If you have windows in areas that are hard to reach, motorized blinds are the best options for such windows. They help you to avoid the need to climb ladders to open or close the window blinds. Furthermore, motorized blinds are safer corded blinds, which can be harmful around kids and pets. All these factors can go a long way in making your home safer and more comfortable.

5. They are relatively durable

Due to their motors and technologies, many people often wonder if motorized blinds are durable. Primarily, they are durable and can last for three or more years. However, you should understand that the frequency of use will affect the durability of your motorized window blinds.

Additionally, if it is battery-powered, you must be ready to maintain it by changing or recharging the batteries.

As shown above, motorized windows are quite different from standard ones. Also, they are more convenient and fanciful to use for your home or office.

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