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What is the right way to polish the concrete floor?

Many people install polished concrete floor in their homes to enhance its beauty and value. But it is necessary to maintain it properly and ensure it appears as good as new always.  When compared to other floor finishes, it is easy to maintain it and is also less labour intensive. Consulting the professionals, using concrete polisher, can help derive ideas on how to follow a simple concrete floor polishing regime to extend the floor’s longevity.

Tips to polish correctly the concrete floor

It is performed in different stages:

  • Cleaning: Clean the floor properly and thoroughly and identify damages, holes and cracks. Use specialised concrete filler to fill them up. It is necessary to cure completely this filler before polishing the floor. Remove mould or stain growth including dust, dirt and grit from the floor.
  • Choose the right grinder: There are different floor grinders used. Wet grinders do not produce any dust, however, uses plenty of water. Dry models are fitted with dust extract apparatus. Which one to use will depend on the work condition and task in hand.
  • Protective gear: Wear appropriate protective gear like safety goggles, dust mask, gloves, ear plugs, quality safety boots to avoid unwanted and dangerous accidents. Get to know the machine operating and safety instructions.
  • Coarse polishing: Eliminate stubborn stains and surface imperfections with even swinging motion using coarse grit polishing disk. Do not overlap excessively. First cut is to begin at one end. Then cover the entire floor systematically. Work evenly, but not digging the floor.
  • Fine grit: On completion of first cut use fine cutting disk to begin the second. Use even large circular motions, but without overlapping. Stains remaining should be eliminated with the floor appearing even and clean.

Extra-fine grit disk

At this stage, the floor is provided with a glass-like sheen. Use circular motion, but by overlapping in circles while working. This will help derive that beautiful finish. To achieve even, good finish, rally-work the disk.

Apply polish to the concrete floor

Choose appropriate quality floor polish for your concrete floor. It helps seal the floor, thereby making it stain-resistant, while enhancing shine and lustre.

It is not easy to polish the floor, but worthwhile as it results in low maintenance, beautiful looking floor. It will last for a lifetime. What will be desirable is quick mopping every week along with touch of floor polisher as and when deemed essential. Considering perth hire will be a wise decision to get that professional touch to your floor.

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