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We are proud of our exclusive collections, including the industry’s most exciting, artistic, and technologically advanced items.

We strive to correctly grasp your needs and provide you with professional options to implement your plans.

We’re lighting artists. A national team of lightning specialists has won us the reputation of a leading lighting organization for its progressive thought, experience, and impeccable definition.

Consultations on Lighting Design Melbourne

It is our company that allows you to achieve this. Each home has the potential to be aesthetically sublime.

Our team of lighting specialists, collaborating with you, combines their design experience and engineering know-how to develop a lighting plan representing your distinctive style.

We will explore infinite innovative possibilities together, regardless of whether you choose the conventional beauty, timeless charm of Art deco, or classical mid-century modern style.

Book a one-on-one appointment for a luxury tailored experience in our showroom.

Collections of unique materials

As Australia’s leading lighting professionals, we are affiliated with some of Europe and America’s leading designers of classic and state-of-the-art architecture.

In our High Street Showroom, you will be able to see a curated range of their unique work, including the latest styles and technologies.

Wall lights selection

Wall lights can create a wall environment, highlight architectural elements or artworks in their incredibly diverse shape, function and operation, provide task-specific illumination or even serve themselves as lighting features. Wall lighting is one of the essential lighting devices to consider when planning your home lighting schedule.

When you pick wall lights for your house, diverse considerations must be considered, from the light’s location, function, and size to the interior.

In any room, traditional or contemporary, Wall lights may add a decorative aspect, create an atmosphere, or do lighting tasks.

In a bedroom, add a wall light on either side of the bed to provide the best light to read or to create a refuge in a decorative item that radiates a soft glow at the end of a long day.

In place of table lamps, a bright, uncluttered esthetic may be given by a bedside wall lamp, leaving your books, telephone, or glasses-free from a bedside table.

Mirror Lights for Bathroom

Do you feel like a star every time you step in your bathroom mirror lights? Oh, maybe they need to. You do not like vanity lights like Hollywood (or perhaps you do), but your toilet can light up your life however you want.

The bathroom sinks typically very low when people learn of interior lighting. Bathrooms are integral to the house and are critically significant.

The bathroom serves different functions, whether it is the master en-suite, the family bather, or guest services. And there are various and nuanced lighting criteria in a bathroom.

There are very different lights in the vanity and sink room, bath, and tub. The lighting you chose for each area should be practical and should complement the other aims. It should be sleek in shape and entirely in harmony with the overall decor of the bathroom.


Be sure you cover the light globe – opal glass, frosty glass, reflective acrylic, and probably fabric shade – according to the look you prefer. The golden world is above your ears, and the shell will prevent blindness.

Wall lights can be more than 1200mm apart for optimum performance. If not, you will have to lean closest to the wall light to lighten each side of your profile.

Wall lights can be mounted on both sides of the mirror so that the top is between 1800mm-2000mm.

If a wall light over a mirror is mounted, positioned above the pond, if necessary, the floor shall not reach 2100mm.

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