Top Trends to Note in Kitchen Renovations

Advancing through the ages, the kitchen has been one such display spots which people do not refrain from showing to people. It has become to be the spot that brings the whole family together at different meals of the day. And with designing it keeping in mind the modern trends, homeowners are getting even more attached to this space. Here are a few trends noted down below:

  • Smart Kitchen ideas have evolved with advanced technological backups. Kitchens are integrated with appliances and functions that do not require much usage of the human brain. The kitchens are loaded with sensors, gadgets, and appliances that only help the homeowners.
  • Dark colored cabinets are making a way in such a way that the ideas of whites are getting removed from the deck. A variety of dark and wooden colored options are trending that make space feel homelier. These shades have a dramatic essence and help create a more luxurious thought about the kitchen.
  • Streamlined materials and designs and textures now make up most of the space. This not only gives an aesthetic look but also provides for a stress-free environment. These designs count to remove the top cabinets, using shelves with rough-cut woods, using natural stone floor tiles, or textured ceiling treatments to make it look textured and organic.
  • Quartz still rules. The material being very hardy, and owing to its anti-microbial and longevity properties, it is still preferred to be premium. Technology has even made it possible now to avail it in various colors and more realistic stone patterns.
  • Effective cabinetry solutions are at the peak now. Everybody is looking forward to using more of the space rather than wasting it. These makeovers include gadget garages, drawer and tray dividers, pull-outs, roll-out trays, or even waste-basket cabinets.
  • Advanced flooring includes ceramic flooring even if the hardwood flooring is a show-stealer. With single plank tiles or custom cut ones, they are available in a variety to look from.
  • Single level kitchen islands are now the focal point and the hub of the kitchen. These meet both the storage as well as seating-serving needs or drinking bars.
  • Trendy Backsplashes are used more widely and often now because it has endless colors and gives a whole new personal touch to the appearance.

Kitchen renovation by Vima Design is way ahead of its time and can keep your kitchen up with the plethora of trendy designs.

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