Acquire Elegance And Beauty With A Laguiole Cutlery Set

Acquire Elegance And Beauty With A Laguiole Cutlery Set

Finding the perfect knife set that both embodies elegance and sophistication to display on your table or give as a gift is easy when you buy from Laguiole. Laguiole knives are made with ethically sourced materials that elevate any table setting with ease. The perfectly crafted blade boasts strength and durability and makes your cooking experience definitively easier with a perfect grip handle and efficient weight distribution in your hand. Cooking and dining will become a new, more enjoyable experience, and you may find yourself having dinner parties a lot more often as you want to show off your elegant Laguiole cutlery set to family and friends. Whether you want to showboat in your kitchen or upscale your restaurant dining area, Laguiole has plenty of products to suit your taste, style and budget. In addition, Laguiole products are the perfect gift and will surely be a unique addition to any home or professional kitchen.

Laguiole products are rich in heritage and are entirely unique in each individual item. The time, thought, and passion that goes into crafting each item is evident in its beauty and life span and will certainly become your favourite piece of cutlery. 

How To Care For Your Knives

Caring for your cutlery is an important part of preserving its value and life. Washing it and packing it away in a draw or holder is not enough to prevent deterioration. To properly and professionally care for your Laguiole cutlery set, follow these steps:

  1. Washing – if you are a dishwasher lover, you may find it disappointing that Laguiole knives should only be washed by hand. The high temperatures of the dishwasher and strong detergents may strip the high-carbon stainless steel of its protective layer and expose it to rust. Using warm water and a mild detergent to wash your knives and drying with a soft cloth is the best way to clean your knives without damaging them.
  2. Sharpening – Professional Knife Sharpening looks like it takes a lot of skill and is an impressive display in a professional kitchen. Keeping your knives sharp is essential to maintain their value and integrity and should only be done using a diamond rod sharpener, whetstone or ceramic stone to achieve the best results. Always perform caution when sharpening your blades, as the risk of injury is significantly increased while sharpening. Also, if you do not feel confident in your skill level, practice sharpening with a blunt blade or have them sharpened by a professional.
  3. Handles – the handles of Laguiole knives are an exquisite representation of refined sophistication and should therefore be an integral part of your cleaning and care regime. Exposure to food and moisture is common in a kitchen, but it does affect the handles in the long run. Whether your knife handles are made from wood, bone or buffalo horn, the care instructions remain the same. If you notice the handles are becoming discoloured or dry, wash it properly using a mild detergent and then apply a coat of olive oil as a sealant. You can remove any oil residue using a soft cloth before storing the knives appropriately. 
  4. Storage – There is nothing worse than rummaging through your cutlery drawers and being cut by a knife. Laguiole knives should be stored out of children’s reach and separate from other cutlery as they may damage your knives. The best storage solutions are either in their original box, on a magnetic wall rack, wooden knife block, or a leather knife roll. Always ensure the knives are completely clean and dry before storing. 

Laguiole cutlery sets are the definition of perfection and will transform your dining experience. Browse our website to learn more about our products or to place an order. 

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