Kitchen Countertop Trends 2020

The countertop is undoubtedly, one of the most important parts of your kitchen. Believe it or not, it is also one of the most used parts since all activities of the kitchen are conducted around the countertop itself. The countertop of the kitchen can as well considered to be the foundation or basic when indulging in kitchen renovation. This can play an important role in improving the feel and tone of the space. 

A lot of things matter when proceeding with kitchen decor. The material you choose for the countertop to the design, every small aspect will have a huge impact on the kitchen. The kitchen countertop trend 2020 has helped people display their ideas. Well, the ideas revolve a lot around the material and colors.

Here are some trends

  1. Quartz will rule the market

Quartz is one of the best alternatives for granite when it comes to finding the best countertop material. Granite countertops have been there in the market for long because homeowners always wanted something durable, attractive and long-lasting. 

While granite is extremely popular, it has its own drawbacks too, the porous nature. Also, it paves the way for bacteria breeding. But, quartz countertops are great because they are non-porous. Hence, you won’t need to put it through re-sealing. Quartz is non-resistant and extremely hygienic. Let’s not forget that quartz is extremely strong and durable. 

  1. Honed vs Polished

Honed and Leather surfaces are some of the most common designs and can be easily applied on various materials like quartz, marble and granite. With time, polished surfaces are gaining extreme popularity too. 

Honed design provides a matte finish, and best suitable for marble surfaces. Honed surfaces lack shine and can readily hide flaws and scratches. On the other hand, polished surface designs have become very popular in recent times and the touch itself has a different feel. 

  1. Neutral tones and trends

Soft neutral tones are making a comeback. Gone are the days when you had to include bright bold colors. These bright colors are eventually losing their importance and more emphasis is being laid on black or neutral tones. 

Rather than a dark countertop, people these days are preferring light, neutral tones especially grey and beige with some backsplash. You may also prefer experimenting with different tones in a neutral tone. 

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