The right Hot Water System for Your Choices

With a much lower budget than a heating system, a DHW system makes a great contribution to a comfortable home. The basic rule of hot water supply is priority over the heating task. Only by providing the house with hot water, the system switches to heating mode.

Install a side-mounted indirect heating boiler with a single-circuit boiler

Features of hot water supply

The main task of the hot water supply system is to provide hot water, without temperature and pressure drop, immediately after opening the tap, with the highest possible efficiency. It is the absence of temperature and pressure jumps that makes the use of hot water comfortable. Without meeting these conditions, it is impossible to comfortably use a bath, shower, especially a bidet. 

These tasks are solved by using modern schemes for preparing hot water, as well as using circulation lines. A very important feature of a hot water supply system is that it is a pressure system. The pumping station, with a borehole pump, constantly maintains the water pressure in the system, and in case of leakage, the system will fill the house until the shut-off valves are closed or the pump is turned off.Therefore, piping equipment and valves must be as reliable as possible.

The Aspect of Convertibility

Comfortable supply of gas hot water system in sufficient quantity, without temperature and pressure drops, allows the scheme using a single-circuit boiler and an indirect heating boiler. The boiler is a tank in a heater, with a powerful heat exchange coil placed in it, to which heating water is supplied during the heating of the boiler. Cold water entering the boiler is heated by a heat exchange coil, during heating, to which heating water is supplied from a single-circuit boiler. Heating water in the boiler, the boiler switches heating water to heating the heating system. 

This scheme provides the necessary supply of hot water at the required temperature. The same scheme ensures that there are no jumps in temperature and pressure, when several points of draw-off are turned on. This scheme allows the installation of a circulation line,which provides hot water immediately, when you open the tap, without draining the cooled water. The inclusion of heated towel rails in the circulation line allows them to be used in summer with the heating turned off. It is most profitable to purchase an indirect heating boiler in a package offer, together with a boiler and automation.

The main tasks of the automation:

Quick preparation of hot water, with priority over heating, providing maximum efficiency and comfort , because of the programming time work circulation and time providing hot water maintenance of sanitary safety , for the account of the use of thermal disinfection, which provides protection against ligionella. For the production of hot water, an indirect heating boiler is used. The water temperature in the boiler is constantly monitored by a temperature sensor. By lowering the temperature below the set, the boiler is disconnected from the system of heating , it switches on a large capacity and takes the heating water to the boiler heat exchanger .

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