2 Wonderful Photo Printing Options that are Just as Good as the Artwork You See In Art Galleries 

The general notion about high-quality artwork even if we go 5 years back in time was that such classics are confined to the charms of art galleries only and are exclusively designed to cater to tastes of the rich. However, some esteemed acrylic manufacturers and sellers like Bigacrylic.com understood that everyone holds a special love for art. Which is why they came up with 2 wonderful photo print options – Metal Photo Prints and Glass Photo Prints – that offer the same shine, quality, and benefits that modern artwork offers. 

So, if you’re interested in buying something classy for your house, then have a look at the guide below to explore the benefits of Metal Photo Prints and Glass Photo Prints. 

Benefits of Glass Photo Prints

The glass photo prints at Big Acrylic are made lightweight so that they’re practical. Some other benefits of having them in your house are listed below. Have a look! 

  1. They Are Vibrant

Acrylic glass is highly glossy and shiny. So, when it’s used to print pictures, the colors pop out instantly and the photo print:

  • Mimics HD like clarity. 
  • Looks bright.
  • Appears luminous. 
  1. They Are Durable

Acrylic prints are:

  • Heat resistant. 
  • Water resistant. 
  • Shatter resistant. 

Which is why they last for years without getting dull. Besides, they do not wilt and the colors don’t get smudged at all.

Also, since they’re water resistant, it’s very easy to clean their surface with a wet cloth to remove dust and fingerprints. 

Benefits of Metal Photo Prints 

The metal photo prints at Big Acrylic are made on aluminum that is lightweight. Hence, it’s very easy to mount these pictures. Some other benefits of purchasing them are listed below. 

  1. They Remain True to Their Color

Metal Photo Prints do not fade or smudge since the dyes used to make these prints are underneath the surface of the metal. Which is why:

  • The colors do not lose their natural texture. 
  • The graphics, texts, and images cannot be peeled or scratched. 
  1. They are Perfect for Outdoor Wall Decor

Aluminum metal prints are weatherproofed i.e. they are:

  • Waterproof 
  • Heat proof 

As a result of which they are perfect for outdoors.

All in all, these wonderful photo prints at Big Acrylic are absolutely stunning pieces of art that are tasteful as well as economical since they have no special maintenance requirement. 

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