Tips for Good Lawn Care in Winters

The lawn needs good maintenance and care in the months of winter especially. The grass in the grass goes completely dormant. There is hardly any grass growth but that doesn’t mean that lawn care isn’t necessary. Only when the entire landscape gets laden with snow, you need to pull in extra efforts to maintain it well.

  • Use Fertilizer 

In case, you own a land mower, then you can feed in pellets of fertilizer in the trigger area of the machine. As you pull and push the machine, it keeps releasing pellets.

  • Provide aeration 

In times of winter, there is a lack of air flowing across the roots of the grass. This leads to a lack of aeration. Create holes beneath the surface of the grass so that it doesn’t wither out too easily. You can use a motorized aerator or a manual aerator for movement of air inside the surface of land and moves out of it.

  • Grass Seed 

Grass Seeds can be sprinkled all over the lawn. This can be done in the same way as fertilizers itself. This helps the grass on the surface to cool down and freezing on the surfaces of grass can be avoided.

  • Clean often 

You need to clean the surface of the land often. When you let debris and other kinds of dust clog the surface of the land, then you tend to obstruct the growth of grass. Also, when other particles get laden over the grass, then there are chances of the grass dying off in no time.

  • Don’t park or walk 

Just don’t take advantage of the fact that there is snow all around and you walking over the snow-laden grass would do no damage to it. Also, avoid parking vehicles over the surface of the snow-laden grass. In case, you share a lawn with the neighbourhood, then put up a notice board that says instructions like Don’t walk on the lawn.

  • Remove the weeds 

You need to remove the weeds to make sure it doesn’t take up all the water meant for the growth of the grass.

  • Raking and other related cleaning activities 

There is very little to no point if you don’t rake and end up spending a lot on seeding. Also, remember overseeding will be of no help.

These are some of the common tips you can follow to take good care of your lawn in the winters. Also, maintaining your lawn in good shape during winter is perennial than in any other season of the year.

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