How To Choose Trees For My Garden

What Is The Best Tree To Plant In My Garden?

The trees are often the stars of the garden for their high visibility in the landscape. Its appearance is what usually dictates your choice, but it is a big mistake only to consider its visual impact. Trees grow both outside and inside the earth; they need to adapt to the environment and live harmoniously with the rest of our outer space elements.

What Must Be Taken Into Account When Choosing A Tree In Our Garden?

One of the main factors, which we have to think about, is its magnitude. As we said, trees not only fulfill an aesthetic function, they also have a climatic role. The choice of a tree can depend on the client’s needs, that is, if you need shade in a garden space, or protect an area from the wind, even insulate the house to give privacy.

We need to know well the space that the tree will have so that it can develop without problems, how high and wide it will reach both the crown and the roots, and the speed at which it will grow. Although the tree’s size seems a factor that does not go unnoticed, it is a prevalent mistake to focus only on the ornamental and decorative value.

To avoid problems that force us to remove the tree later, we must plan the long-term planting environment.

For all this, we can say that our garden’s size and space will be the main determining factor for the choice of tree.

Types Of Tree To Choose According To Their Magnitude

Small trees: growth up to 6 meters maximum

Medium trees: reach up to 10-15 meters

Large trees: when they exceed 15 meters

Factors To Choose A Tree For Our Garden

Informing us about the height and diameter that the cup will reach is highly recommended. Let’s not forget the roots’ extension, something we do not see and can be dangerous. Think carefully about the location to avoid damage to other elements of your garden.

Although some species adapt very well to the environment, before planting it, make sure that the type of soil, the climate, and the geography of your garden is compatible with the tree you want.

And of course, we cannot forget to value the client’s needs. What use do you want to give your tree? You can delimit spaces in your garden, provide plenty to the pool area, collect its fruits or simply enjoy it.

At commercial landscaping services, clients studying the environment are advised to choose the most suitable trees.

 Some Of The Suitable Trees Are:

Jupiter tree


Japanese maple

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