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Tips for Cleaning After a Fire

Fires are very damaging. It’s not just the loss of property and possessions but also the fact that smoke damages almost everything it touches. Cleaning up after a fire is daunting and tedious. Moreover, Monterey County has had several wildfire incidents, and families should prepare for the worst – cleaning up outdoors. Worry not because this guide covers how to hire services for Fire Space Clearance in Monterey County, CA.

Safety First

There are two things to do before cleaning after a fire:

  • Make sure that you and your family members are safe. Do not approach the damaged area if it is still hot, smoldering, or smoking. If the damage is due to smoke and soot, remove any visible debris from surfaces with a vacuum cleaner before vacuuming smoke and soot particles from carpets or other fabrics. While working outdoors, extinguish any embers that can start secondary fires fueled by the gusty Monterey County winds.
  • Wear protective clothing while cleaning up after a fire – goggles, gloves, long sleeves and pants (to protect against burns), and boots (to protect against slips on wet floors).

Avoid using water to clean up spilled liquids because it could result in a fire or chemical reaction with residue from the fire itself. Avoid chemicals like ammonia as well because they can react violently with materials affected by heat exposure (such as paint). Also, avoid vacuums since they can spread contaminated dust throughout the room again.

Start Small

First, start small. It is difficult to assess your needs if the extent of fire damage is excessive. Proceed by checking each room and addressing the situation room by room. Remove any debris (ash) that may have been left behind by the fire department when they extinguished the blaze and clean up any soot or ash remaining after they left. Finally, clean up any smoke residue on walls and ceilings—this may require a specialty cleaner depending on the original construction material; if you don’t know what kind it is, call an expert!

Check for Odors

Check for odors. If the fire is small, you may not notice any stench, but if large or long-burning and you have heavy smoke damage from charring or soot residue, a prominent stench will permeate your home. Most Monterey County wildfires near homes carry the smell into the buildings. This smell can range from something akin to burnt toast to something like burning tires or even burnt hair. The smell of wood smoke is often hard to differentiate from other odor sources because it’s similar to tobacco smoke or incense (which may be present in your home). As such, you must inspect all rooms thoroughly during this process so that you don’t miss any potential odor sources. Professional services in Monterey County use industrial cleaners to remove this stench.

Choosing and Hiring Professional Fire Space Cleaning Services

Contacting professional services can be difficult. Worry not because you can follow these guidelines to choose the best professional services for Fire Space Clearance in Monterey County. When hiring a professional cleaning service after a fire, it is crucial to check their credentials. Check their insurance and ensure they have the right equipment for the job. Before hiring them, ask for references from past clients and check their reputation on social media.

It is good to hire a reputable company that you can trust to clean your space after a fire has occurred. A professional cleaning service can help you get back quickly so that you don’t have to stay elsewhere longer than necessary or live in squalor while waiting for someone else to do the work for you!

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