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Top 4 benefits of bathroom renovations 

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne in Melbourne may seem like an enormous task. But when planned and done the right way, they can bring several benefits for homeowners. When it comes to the bathroom, renovations need not always be expensive or elaborate. Even the simplest step and the smallest upgrade like using accent lighting can enhance the space’s appeal and offer a lot of advantages. Those who are still not sure why bathroom renovations are beneficial can consider the following four pointers to decide if they should proceed further with their own renovation projects.

  1.       Well-planned renovations can make the bathroom a place of retreat and relaxation

Be it getting the latest rain shower installed, opting for a gleaming, spa-like bathtub, or fixtures, materials, and colours that make the space feel calm and serene, bathroom renovations can make the experience a luxurious one. Thus those who want to turn their bathrooms into comforting cocoons where they can relax without worries or even take a soothing bath while reading their favourite book or listening to their favourite music, should definitely consider bathroom renovation.

  1.       They augment the property’s value

Those planning to sell their homes sometime in the future should opt for bathroom and Kitchen Renovations Melbourne as both help to boost the property’s value. Homeowners concerned about diminishing water pressure in their bathrooms can opt for energy-efficient fixtures like showerheads, low-flow toilets, etc. They may even replace their older, power-guzzling lights with modern LED lights that would not only reduce their utility bills but even help them popularise green energy. Such upgrades during bathroom renovations would make prospective buyers like the space more, thus helping owners fetch a higher value when they put up their homes for sale in the market.

  1.       Enhance safety in bathrooms

According to AIHW (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare), 8.1% of all deaths in 2017-18 were caused by injuries. The most common cause of injury deaths was unintentional falls. Within a house, such falls can happen anywhere, but slippery floors are often the biggest culprit. And since bathroom floors are the most slippery surfaces due to their extended exposure to water, bathroom renovations can reduce the chances of such falls by replacing tiles or slippery floor materials with the ones that prevent slipping and falling. Installing grab bars too could be considered when renovating bathrooms as they can help break the fall. 

  1.       Proper utilisation of space in the bathroom

It may not be feasible for everyone to get spacious bathrooms. But small bathrooms shouldn’t necessarily mean they feel cramped or look untidy. When renovating bathrooms, the use of proper storage solutions for optimum space utilisation can make even a small bathroom look marvellous. Additionally, you could consider changing the position of the fixtures and components, such as adding two or three mirrors in the bathroom or clever placement of lights, to create an illusion of space.


Bathroom and kitchen renovations should not be a rush job. Those looking to renovate their bathrooms to improve their functionality and augment property value should plan the project carefully to ensure they get the optimum benefit. 



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