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Some Common Residential Plumbing Problems

In residential places, we often have plumbing issues. Some of these issues are very common and can occur often. If you know about these problems then you can stay alert about them. You will know whether to call residential plumbing El Cajon or solve the problem yourself.

Clogged toilets and drains

It is difficult to deal with clogged toilets and drains. A clogged toilet can create a nuisance in the house. Your home will look and smell dirty and you won’t be able to use the toilet. If the drain in front of your house is clogged then dirt and other pollutants will accumulate and create an unhealthy atmosphere. So, you should take steps to clear the blockage.

Clogged sinks can happen due to the accumulation of hair. This happens when you shampoo during the shower. So, by simply removing the hair you can clear the sink. A small toy or shampoo lid can block the toilet. You can take it out using tweezers if it’s visible. But if it is stuck inside the pipe you can flush often so that the toy or lid passes through the pipe and gets out. Else, you must call the plumber. They will use plumbing tools to apply pressure and take out the stuck items from the pipes.

Chemical drain cleaners can also remove the blockage. You can prevent clogging of toilets and drains by flushing only the dissolvable waste products. Keep an eye on your kids so that they don’t drop any toy in the toilet and flush it.

Leaky pipes and faucets

Leaky pipes and faucets are a common residential plumbing problem for which you may have to call the residential plumbing El Cajon. Dripping faucets can create a problem and it must be fixed immediately. Your water bill will increase if you don’t fix it. This problem occurs when the washer that seals the tap gets damaged. You can replace the washer to solve the problem. It is quite easy and you don’t need to call the residential plumbing El Cajon for it; you can do it yourself.

Water heater problems

Problems with a water heater is also a common residential plumbing problem. It happens many times that you go to the bathroom for taking a hot shower but end up getting drenched in cold water. If you hear the noise of dripping water or noises coming from the water heater then it’s a sign that there is some problem with the water heater. In such a case you must call residential plumbing El Cajon.

Some of the common residential problems can be solved easily but others require the help of professionals. So, you must keep the contact number of a residential plumbing company handy so that you can call them when needed.

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