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Root Floor mats edition! 

The distinctive patterns and designs on your floor mat tie the entire appearance of your home together like having a jute mat. We have an exclusive collection of floor mats to meet your needs for any room, from the living room to the bedroom.

Foot mats contribute to the overall look of your home by keeping your feet dust-free. Like I have a beautiful jute mat at home. The jute mat makes the entire house look so much more aesthetic and pretty. You should too, add the best floor mats for your home like a jute mat to your interior decor to make it stand out. Complete the decor of your home by browsing the extensive selection of floor mats available online.

Nylon, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, wool and jute mat are the most common types of fibre utilized in carpeting. There are many other types of fibre. Carpets are made by sewing a button onto a shirt and looping the fibre yarns through the backing material. After that, these fibre loops can be left as-is or cut at various angles and lengths. How the fibre circles are dealt with is known as the floor covering heap.

Choosing the right mats has a significant impact on how clean, cozy, and comfortable your home will be. Floor mats are an integral part of home decor and ensure that your space is kept neat and tidy in addition to protecting the floor, adding a finishing touch, and providing an additional sense of comfort. Whether you want to upgrade your bathroom, kitchen, or hall, these five hand-picked, high-quality floor mats at reasonable prices are a must-have.

Let us look at some must-have mats for your home!

  1. Jute Mat

Having a jute mat at your house is a very aesthetic feeling. The jute mat is made from jute which happens to be a very economical friendly material. The jute mat comes in various sizes and shapes and you can buy it according to the area you desire to cover with it.

  1. Anti-Skid Nylon

Nylon is typically even softer and thinner than wool. Their low price is one important reason why they are an excellent material for floor mat. Apart from that, these floor mats come in a variety of vivid and detailed digital prints to match your home’s theme.

  1. Striped Mats

This striped design mat is made of high-quality microfibril and can be placed anywhere for a cozy and fluffy floor. Even in wet conditions, the mat stays in place thanks to the non-slip TPR backing.

  1. Polyester Mats

WoodenStreet provides a wide range of options for adorning your rooms with traditional-style floor coverings made of polyester, the most popular synthetic material. A conventional-style floor mat for the lounge room is a brilliant supplement to a majestic stylistic theme. All that is required is to create a floor mat for the home that can elegantly decorate the space in an intricate design and carefully chosen colors.


  1. Grass Mats

This grass mat can be used as a carpet inside the house, to decorate the balcony, or to landscape the garden. It is resistant to fire and UV rays, durable, and simple to clean and maintain.

These are some must-have mats for all homes.

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