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Perfect Options for Offering the Best of Word Art

Perhaps many will wonder why we designers take so long to choose the right typeface. Why give it so much importance? What difference does it make? These are some of the common phrases they tell us; but yes, they have a lot of relevance, it is perhaps the basis of the overall design of a piece. Selecting the correct typeface in a corporate identity, in a brochure or in a book, makes the difference between slamming the door in the face of a potential client or making them feel good and comfortable.

The Smartest Options for You

In the same way that you strive to serve your clients well and make them understand your work to sell your project, in the same way you must do it with your external communication. Each of the pieces that you make to promote yourself must sell your product or service by themselves, you will not be there to explain details, with which, the clearer and more impressive your communication is, the more likely you are that your message will reach successful and profitable. You can go Beyond a Word Art and explore more.

Typographic Categories

A fundamental premise in graphic design is that it must convey a clear and direct message, and this is where the image and the text come into play. An image is worth a thousand words, it is true, but the image alone does not convey a message as clearly as the written word. Therefore, the correct combination of image and typography will make your communication impact properly.

Typeface selection & font library

In another post I have commented a bit that before designing, you should nourish yourself with information, organize your ideas, make sketches on paper and methodically develop the project. However, the selection of the typeface is not easy, sometimes we have spent hours and hours looking at my font library to select the ideal type. 

  • Although by the same practice, when starting a corporate identity project and depending on the type of client, we already have an idea of ​​whether it should be with serif (with serifs) (such as Baskerville) or sans serif (dry stick) like a Myriad Pro.

The truth is that each designer transmits something of his personality in each design, and within that personal style enter the fonts with which he likes to work. The best presentation of a message or a quote comes alive with the proper use of the words and font designs. The word art options can explore more in there. Choosing the best professional services for the same can surely bring a much adored feeling as you look at the words. The true word art always brings a sense of satisfaction as you look at them. That’s why you can explore so much through the designs and word arts.


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