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Redesigning a bathroom is never an easy task. Whether it is for kids or for adults, both love to spend their fair share of the amount in the bathroom. The kids’ bathroom is usually smaller in size. If the Bathroom Renovation Mississauga is not done right, then you might end up spending a lot more than needed. Though all the bathrooms have similar features, you need to be smarter for a smaller bathroom. Planning smartly can help to save time and money without compromising on the finished product. Following are some renovation ideas and tips to make your children’s bathroom renovation a success.

What are the signs that you need to remodel the kid’s bathroom?

Trying to get little kids to cooperate during bath time can be quite a task. If you have young children, you can always consider remodeling the bathroom to make it more fun and comfortable for the children. When children get older, it sometimes gets tough to get them out of the bathroom on time. This is also the best time to get some high-quality fixtures and getting energy-saving installations in the bathroom. During the remodeling, you can also work towards making the bathroom safer by getting anti-skid tiles on the floor and removing dangerously placed elements.

How to make the children’s bathroom a fun and safe place?

Whenever you are renovating the children’s bathroom, pick out a fun theme while giving it a unified and cohesive look. Once you have a theme in mind, it becomes easier to narrow down the kind of fixtures, accessories, and lighting that you would want to opt for in the bathroom. As the white grout stains easily, try avoiding its use in the children’s bathroom. Don’t compromise on the storage space in the children’s bathroom. To prevent the paint from getting damaged whenever water splashes, install tiles on the bathroom walls. To make the bathroom look higher, you can always tile the walls up to the ceiling.

You could also consider installing a removable toilet seat that is easy to remove. This would help to keep the toilet thoroughly clean. This is a great idea, especially if there are smaller children in the picture, as a traditional toilet seat can be heavy and even cause injury. If you feel there is space, you can get additional towel bars as kids need plenty of clean towels daily. In case you are out of space, you can always use hooks. To help save space, you can always opt for a mini-bathroom vanity or pedestal sink.

What should you avoid when remodeling?

During the remodeling process, avoid using a standalone statement sink. Instead, opt for a sink in the corner to save space. Usually, pedestal sinks are ideal for such a layout. Avoid vanities that have sharp corners, especially when there is limited space. Children are more prone to accidents, so make sure that there are no sharp corners that could possibly hurt the child.

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