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Summer Renovation Ideas That You’ll Enjoy All Year

When the sun is shining and you are enjoying time away from work, you’re less likely to be inclined toward a home renovation project. However, during the summer heat, you’re given the best opportunity to taken on certain tasks, especially those that involve exposing your home and yourself to the elements. If practicality isn’t incentive enough to entice you, however, then be sure to also consider the long-term benefits because by taking on certain renovations during the summer, you’ll be able to better enjoy your home all year round.

To ensure that you’re still enjoying your home as much as possible during the winter months, as well as ensuring it is protected against the elements, we’ve put together the best summer renovation projects you can take on. So, for now, put your sunbathing plans to one side and get ready to improve your home’s quality and value!

Repair The Roof

Our roofs are often neglected, leading to them only to be considered when a fault appears. These sudden leaks and blocked drains, however, as well as the damage they bring, can be prevented with a little upkeep. Checks can easily and safely be made during dry days, allowing you to inspect roof tiles and clear drainage roots. As well as inspections, cleaning should also take place as it benefits your property’s curb appeal should you be interested in selling your home in the near future.

Build An Extension

Whether you’re interested in your own annexe or have been infatuated with the summer houses found in neighbouring properties, the middle of the year is an ideal time to erect a new extension onto your home. These rooms will decrease the amount of space within your garden but will increase the amount of room in your home. This is an important trade-off for many within the UK as the weather prevents much return on investment with garden space during the winter months. However, with a well-designed summer house, you will be able to enjoy a warm, atmospheric room all year.

Replace Windows

It’s very easy to become accustomed to the quality of your windows. Drafts can go unnoticed and heating bills accustomed to. However, by simply replacing your windows you can save money and feel warmer. These improvements don’t only come from better quality windows but also from a more considered installation, allowing you the opportunity to repair seals and clear debris.

Painting and Redecorating

If you’ve painted a room before, you will be familiar with the benefits of open windows. Paint will not only dry more quickly with better ventilation but it will also be better ventilated, preventing the aroma of fresh paint from filling your home entirely. The summertime allows you to paint more freely and quickly, with windows open and a breeze passing through.

Warm days, those free from rain, are also ideal for painting the exterior of your home, which is a key task for those looking to sell their property as it remains one of the most important and beneficial ways to improve your curb appeal.

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