So you’ve finally settled down in Mumbai, the city of your dreams, and crossed a major milestone in your life! The thrill of spending your life in a city you’ve always wanted to cannot be explained, it can be experienced. Now that you’ve bought your own home and are slowly settling in, the next big challenge is choosing a good school for your child. As good education is important for your child’s academic and personality development, you should do detailed research before finalising your child’s school. The school chosen by you for your child will contribute to the happiness of your stay in Mumbai and will be one of the factors in making your relocation to Mumbai a success.

In this article, we will share some tips on how to choose a school in Mumbai.

Quality of education and extracurricular activities

The numerous advantages which quality education brings to a child cannot be stressed enough. The quality of education differs from school to school and depends both on the curriculum and the faculty. A school which offers an international curriculum such as International General Certificate of Secondary Education or IGCSE, will impart world class education to your child. The school you finally select should offer curriculum that is in accordance with your child’s long-term academic plans.

Advantages of an international school

If you’ve decided that your child will study in an international school, it is very close to chandak unicorn andheri west commercial space, let us familiarise you with the advantages that your decision offers. These include excellent academic programs, exemption from studying the local language, world-class teaching faculty and extra-curricular activities that are of an international standard, such as international school trips, entertaining and educating treks to interesting destinations, which will expand your child’s horizons. Many international schools claim that their curriculum is approved by the respective educational board under which they operate. It is important that you independently verify this claim with the respective board which devises and operates the school’s curriculum. Some international schools offer regular activities for creating a bond between parents by connecting them socially by organising fitness classes, ice-breaking luncheons, meditation classes, motivational talks and more.

Education consultants can help

You can also take the help of education consultants in Mumbai, who are thorough in their knowledge of the best schools in your new city and have the updated statistics of all of them on their fingertips. All you have to tell them is the kind of school you wish for your children, and they will tap into their extensive theoretical and practical knowledge to give you the best academic solution. The entire school selection process, from research to school visits to finalisation, will be smoothly handled by our relocation experts. This will free your mind from this stressful activity and leave you with ample time for settling in and exploring your new location. chandak unicorn is one of the premium commercial development in Andheri west and it is very close to international school.

Online learning facility

Considering today’s pandemic induced lockdown situation, where all schools are physically closed and classes are being conducted online, you should do a thorough study of the level and quality of online education being imparted by the school. You should make it a point to attend an online class and see if the teachers are showing the same level of dedication as they show in a physical class. The equipment and methodology used by the teachers while teaching online plays a significant role in how the student absorbs and remembers all that is taught. After all, it is a question of your child’s future and your are it’s torch bearer.

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