Maintain Synthetic Turf On Concrete Slab

Synthetic turf offers, among other advantages, the ability to land on almost any surface. The concrete slab is one of them, and its stability allows a particularly easy and fast installation.

Artificial grass is easier to maintain on a hard surface than on soft ground. Indeed, it is quite possible to vacuum it, as in your home. Perform this cleaning as needed.

If it is likely to receive dead leaves, you will need a rake or a plastic leaf broom to not damage the strands. It is important not to leave plant debris too long; they cause the appearance of mosses.

Regular cleaning with water is essential to keep your lawn clean and tinted. A high-pressure cleaner can be used, or a water jet. You can clean your lawn with soapy water without using detergents or abrasive products if your lawn is dirty. It will then be rinsed thoroughly.

To straighten the strands which tend to be crushed in frequented places, you will use a broom (those brooms with thick and long bristles) made of nylon or a brush broom, which you will pass in the opposite direction to that of the strands. Be careful not to brush if the strands are frozen; you could break them.

You can also perform anti-moss and disinfectant treatments depending on where this lawn is installed. The anti-foam is sprayed twice a year, in the spring and fall. The disinfectant can be used once a year, but more if the space is very busy.

It may happen that some parts come off, especially in areas with intense traffic. Quickly re-glue the grass with the glue or the double-sided; if you wait, the unglued part could deteriorate.

Warning: if your synthetic turf is not glued to the concrete slab, you will clean it carefully to avoid moving or lifting the lengths.


Synthetic turf offers an increasingly realistic rendering due to the many innovations to which it is subject, almost non-existent maintenance, and very simple installation, especially on a hard surface such as a concrete slab. But how do you lay artificial grass on a concrete slab or path grids? Once the model has been carefully selected according to your needs, a little preparation of the surface will be necessary to benefit from a very satisfactory and lasting result. The laying will take little effort, but you’ll still deserve to set up your lounge chair to rest on your lovely lawn.

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