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How to Become an Indiana Licensed Home Inspector

In Indiana, becoming a home inspector entails seizing the reigns and launching your own business. Competing as a home inspector necessitates a high level of self-motivation and commitment to providing unparalleled service to customers. What are your options for accomplishing this? Take training sessions that will give you an advantage over your competition and will prepare you for more than just certification.

Professional in-house radon inspections columbus oh offers complete flexibility in terms of the workload you can handle and how you conduct your business. You have complete control over your earnings. You are compensated for your efforts. Of course, you must be excellent. This is where the courses can help. They empower you with the tools to turn a job into a profession by preparing you for the rigours and demands of house inspection.

Continuing Education for Home Inspectors in Indiana

You’re only at the beginning of your journey. A house inspector can be anyone; to flourish, it requires a true winner. You must continue to learn in order to maintain your market dominance and enhance your earnings — any competent house inspector understands this. In the state of Indiana, becoming a licenced home inspector is a pretty simple process. Each renewal cycle, licenced Indiana home inspectors must complete Continuing Education.

Step 1: Take a 62-hour home inspection course that has been approved. 50 of the 62 hours can be completed online, while the other 12 must be completed in a hands-on setting. This criterion will be met entirely by our online home inspection course combined with our 2-day classroom course. The cost of the online course plus the 2-day classroom session is around $1,295.

Step 2: Take the National Home Inspectors Exam and pass it. We ensure that you are adequately prepared for the National Home Inspectors Exam. Indeed, they provide a 200-page online study guide as well as 700 exam-specific practise questions. Start your own home inspection company or work with an established home inspection firm. You’ll also learn about business inspections, mould inspections, radon inspections, and building codes in this course.

It may appear that taking a free online practise home inspector test is the simplest approach to prepare for the NHIE. It’s simple, though, since it’s not the best. To effectively prepare for a successful career as a home inspector, you must empower yourself with the most up-to-date knowledge and tools to get (and stay) ahead of the competition. It could take a few weeks or months to complete. It’s entirely up to you. It may only take a few days to become qualified or licenced, but that isn’t the same as BECOMING a home inspector.

In Indiana, the average yearly income for a house inspector is $47,340 per year, or $22.76 per hour. Of course, if you want to be average, you won’t last long as a self-employed person. When you become the best, you stand to make a lot more money. It doesn’t mean you’ll be successful just because you’re licenced. Home inspectors must have E&O and GL insurance, which is mandated by the state.

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