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What Are Quartz Countertops?


They are countertops for the kitchen and bathroom manufactured through an industrial process where quartz, approximately 95%, resins, and pigments are used. Quartz, one of the most resistant materials that we can find in nature, gives excellent resistance to the result. The combination of resins and pigments adds the possibility of creating all kinds of designs and textures.

Compact Quartz Countertop Designs

As we have already said, quartz countertops are available in a growing variety of designs and textures. It is due to its manufacturing process, during which quartz is mixed with different pigments. In this way, the possible options or designs are a matter of technique and imagination.

They are undoubtedly the best option for looking for a quality countertop with homogeneous colors, even white. As for the patterns, the possibilities are not negligible either; the quality of these and the designs has higher quality. We can find the original or imitating other materials such as marble.

Regarding the textures on the quartz surfaces, we find virtually 2. Polished and rough finishes. Different degrees can be seen within the latter so that some brands make distinctions based on this roughness. However, smooth or polished textures predominate.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Quartz Countertops For Kitchens And Bathrooms

Among the advantages of quartz kitchen countertops are:

Due to its manufacturing process, during which this surface is polished through an advanced engineering process, it is unnecessary to initially or periodically seal this type of countertops for bathrooms and kitchens.

They are antibacterial.

The patterns and colors are more homogeneous, favoring the combination with other decorative elements such as floors, tiles, etc.

Several manufacturers offer the possibility of integrating the sink entirely into the worktop, which means more excellent aesthetic uniformity and a perfect result.

They are easy to clean and have more excellent resistance to aggressive cleaners.

Outstanding resistance to scratches and blows.

With these quartz compounds, not only countertops are manufactured, but also floors, wall cladding, etc. This dramatically increases the possibilities.


These quartz surfaces are resistant to heat. However, extreme heat can damage them. Avoid putting pots or pans with which you are cooking at high temperatures immediately on the counter; if you do, use a trivet.

If damaged, they are virtually impossible to repair.

Some chemicals can deteriorate gloss and color, such as waterproofing products such as strippers or caustic soda and bleaches and solvents.

Not all quartz countertops are the same, and of course, not all have the same characteristics. Before finally deciding on a design and a manufacturer, be interested in the tests as shown by pro stone countertop against bumps, scratches, or stains that the manufacturer has had to go through. Silestone from the manufacturer Cosentino and Compac stand out among the brands and manufacturers of compact quartz countertops.

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