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7 Tips for Effective Window Cleaning:

Is cleaning windows a huge struggle for you? Now there are plenty of professional ways for window cleaning in Bristol.

Wait! That doesn’t mean that you have to clean your home windows using those professional tools and tactics. After all, they can be dangerous at times – if you’re not aware of how to handle them properly.

Yet, there are always plenty of other ways for window cleaning in Bristol to have spotless windows smartly. Are you curious to try it out and achieve spotless windows? Let’s go explore some such ways below then!

Effective Window Cleaning Procedure:

Among the plenty of professional ways to clean windows and make them spotless, some tend to be more reliable than others. Therefore, we have listed seen effective step-by-step ways for you to clean your home windows efficiently.

Let’s start cleaning then!

1.    Rinse:

Start by rinsing the windows with a water hose. Focus on the outer part more since the exterior of the windows is dirtier. Once you rinse the windows, you can combine liquid dish soap and cool, clean water in a bucket to proceed further.

2.    Scrub:

Now start scrubbing the windows by soaking a cloth in the water and rubbing it on the windows. Try finding a soft microfiber cloth or a sponge with a soft but strong base to remove the hard stains easily. Moreover, if you are cleaning a higher window, you can also use a sponge mop or attach a mop on a pole to scrub the water and soap liquid on the entire window.

3.    Rinse, Rinse:

Rinse the windows again with a hose.

4.    Make the Liquid:

Now use a spray or mop with a liquid for window cleaning in Bristol. You can either make this liquid with a vinegar and water mixture or, otherwise, use a commercial cleanser.

5.    Wipe:

Now use a clean rubber-bladed squeegee to wipe the window. When you use the squeegee, try angling it in positioning to work from top to bottom. Every time you reach the bottom of a lane of the window, use a dry and clean towel to clean the squeegee.

6.    Dry:

Afterward, dry the windows too. For this, you can use a clean towel or dry newspapers.

Note: in case of stubborn stains on the window, you can keep the vinegar and water mixture on the window stay for a few minutes before drying. Additionally, using a soft sponge can also help remove those arrogant stains.

7.    Finishing:

After you are done cleaning the windows, don’t forget to clean the window screens too. For this, use plain water, then vinegar solution, then plain water to clean the screens thoroughly.


When it comes to trying easy ways to solve the most common problems in your home, there are plenty of helpful platforms to help you. Besides, our home is like our heaven. So why let it manage with the basic issues when you can seek help from numerous tips and ideas. Are you excited to know more? Then start with practicing spotless window cleaning in Bristol!

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