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How To Create A Unique Home Decor Through Area Rugs

There are plenty of good reasons why you should cover a bare floor with area rugs. They are practical and can provide a room with a comfortable, warm feeling. If paintings are considered artwork for the walls, area rugs are the artwork for the floor. To create a well-balanced space, it is important to take into account the colours, design, pattern and texture of the area rugs.

Decorating with area rugs

Many interior designers start from the area rug design to choose the colours for the wall, the throw pillows and the paintings that will complete the décor. The rule of thumb in choosing the right size of the area rug is it should be a minimum of 6 inches and a maximum of 2 feet away from the walls. Other factors will be considered when you choose the rug based on size, shape and design.

The size of the area rug that will be used in transitional spaces or entrances to rooms and the stairway must match the door space with a few inches less – not be too long or too short. For the large foyer, a round area rug can be placed in the centre under a light fixture. In the hallway, the rug must cover the length of the area with enough space on both ends for balance. If a piece of furniture will be placed on the hallway, it must not cover the rug, otherwise you just wasted the efforts in choosing its design.

If you plan to have an office in the corner of the bedroom, an area rug can be used to define the space. Choose a rug that will completely fit under the chair and table to create a comfortable space to work in. Aside from enhancing the aesthetics of the room, there is a practical purpose in the area rug. It can prevent tripping or the chair dragging over the edges which are the weakest point of the material.

An area rug can also be used as the focal point in a room but is should provide enough space for furniture to sit on top of it. If the living room is quite large, two area rugs instead of one can be used to create separate living spaces. A rug can be placed in front of a couch but it should be of a similar width or a little longer than the couch. It can also be placed at an angle to achieve a more interesting look.

While it is good to experiment with colours and textures, the area rug must not overpower or underwhelm a room. Bold patterns will look good but if you put furniture on top of it, you will be covering the design.

The kind of area rugs you choose will help you create a unique home décor that is different from everybody else’s. There is nothing like being able to decorate a room with area rugs in designs and colours that you love. Area rugs are the cheapest option for a home makeover.

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