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The Smarter Kitchen: Creating A Kitchen Designed For Entertaining

Home celebrations have been happening for decades. You can’t expect all guests to only stay in your living or dining areas because they most definitely will and gather in your kitchen in the middle of the day or the evening. You may say that maybe because after all the chatter and stories you had to catch up with friends and loved ones, one gets hungry after—and the fun continues.

With that, we may say that kitchens are always the busiest part of the home when guests are around, and not only does it become a food meal preparation area, but it also becomes an entertainment room. So, if you somehow consider making an upgrade for your kitchen as a flexible entertainment area, here are some suggestions from kitchen remodeling in Lake Forest that you might want to consider:

Appliance Upgrades

If the guests you usually have ranged from 15-20 people, a professional gas range or six range burner may be a good option. Even when you choose to order food from food delivery services or caterers, and kitchen entertainment is still on, we suggest that you display attractive appliances and those that blend nicely with your kitchen space.

Double Dishwashers

Large home parties require a bigger dishwasher capacity. It doesn’t have to be full-sized; half-sized kitchen sinks will do well.

Kitchen Island/ Raised Countertop

A place for guests to sit and eat? Raised countertops can do the trick. Just match them with trendy seats to match your kitchen cabinet in orange; they’ll have the perfect hangout place while you prepare the meal.

Space for Caterers

Is your food mostly catered? If so, try to consider a butler’s pantry-type to unpacking the food, and preparing it for your guests can be easy. Though it may seem extra, if catering is a regular thing in your house parties, this may come as comfort every time guests are present.

Check this infographic to give you some ideas for designing your kitchen.

The Smarter Kitchen: Creating a Kitchen Designed for Entertaining

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