Will homeowners insurance replace my roof?    

Most home insurance companies consider the roof of the house as an integral part of the house. Basically, the roof protects the occupant of the house including the properties that are inside the house, it also ensures that the insurance company is protected from a plethora of insurance claims.

If your roof is faulty, it can cause damage to the properties inside the home which will lead to insurance claims.

This is the main reason why a lot of insurance companies are always skeptical about covering a house with an old roof, to avoid insurance claims due to a damaged roof.

There are a lot of homeowners that are interested in insuring their homes but there is this question lingering in their minds; does homeowners insurance cover roof replacement? Yes, there are insurers that cover roof and I will explain their policies in this article.

Most homeowner insurance plans will cover the cost of replacing your roof if it gets damaged due to an accident, fire, or any other act of nature.

However, if the issue with the roof is a result of wear and tear, most insurance companies may not reimburse you for any damage. If the roof has exceeded its life span and the homeowner refuses to replace it, any damage that occurs will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

Some insurers will cover a leaky roof while some believe that the maintenance of the property is the sole responsibility of the owner of the house.

It’s always reasonable to research insurance companies and their policies; this will give you a great idea of what they are offering before you sign up.

  Insurance Claim for Roof Damage  

If you are interested in filing an insurance claim for your damaged roof, the best option is to contact your insurance company. They will be able to give you the perfect time to file an insurance claim and you can also follow the steps below:

-Contact your homeowner insurance company

-Provide them with the before and after of the roof damage, it will help them to assess the extent of the damage

-Schedule a time that their agent can visit to review the damage

-Look for a professional roofer as quickly as possible. (a damaged roof can cause damage to your properties, you will need to fix it quickly)

If you have been wondering how to get your insurance company to pay for your roof replacement, follow those simple steps above.

Protecting Your Roof

You can follow the steps below to protect your roof:

-Take Pictures: Take pictures of your roof, it can come in handy in case the roof gets damaged.

-If you have been using your roof for more than 10 years, it will be advisable to contact a roof inspector that will check the roof for damages.

-Replace old tiles and shingles: If your insurer feels that you are not maintaining the home properly, they can cancel your insurance policy.

-Make sure there is no tree covering over your house; remove any dead tree around your house.

-If your roof is faulty, contact your insurer; ask them to send an agent to assess the damage.

If you have other insurance roof replacement questions, you can contact your insurer and you will be provided with answers.



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