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Curtains or Blinds, What is best for My Office Room

Curtains and blinds, both are used for the same purpose that is to cover the window area, block UV rays of sun, provide privacy and decorate offices but are composed of different materials. Curtains are made of fabric cloth while blinds have solid material. Curtains are made of one piece of fabric cloth laying vertically and operate horizontally while blinds have many strips/slats made of different hard materials and operate vertically. Curtains had been used in the past for many years and are still in use, but in contrast, blinds is a latest product introduced in the market. Both have different varieties and qualities but on ground the demand for blinds is raising because they suit the present day office. Based on their control system blinds can be categorized in different types like roller blinds, pleated blinds and venetian blinds etc.

Despite having different beautiful textures, patterns and colours, it is the material which leads to the final decision whether to buy or not. Some common available fabric types are silk, polyester, linen and cotton etc. Each type has its own uses which makes it distinct from others. The material used for blinds may be PVC, Aluminum or wood. Readymade and made – to – measure blinds are the two basic common types of blinds. In readymade type blinds can be cut to any size of windows while in made – to – measure case, it is designed to fit a given measured  size of windows. Persian, Venetian, roman and shoji are some of its sub types.

A question which pops in mind is which one is better to use for office?. It is basically an individual personal decision which he takes by weighing the pros and cons of both. Let’s analyze the two window treatment options that are curtains or blinds.

Benefits of Curtains:

Variety of Design:

Curtains are widely available in a variety of colours, texture and styles which adds to the beauty of the room. It is convenient for a person to choose the best matching curtain with rest of the furnishing. Although, styles and different textures are also there in blinds but they are not as abundant as curtains.

Temperature of Room:

Blinds are more intrusive as compared to curtains that is why they give less temperature to room as compared to curtains which are composed of fabric cloth.

Sound Proof:

Curtains are sound buffers and act as a sound proof in rooms while blinds are made of solid materials which can’t absorb the sound and can’t be a good sound proof item.

Easy to Install:

The mechanism and cost of installation of curtains is easy and less respectively and sometimes can be installed by a lay man. Blinds require a professional person and are charged more.

Benefits of Blinds:

Pricing:   Making of curtains is a difficult and an expensive process as it requires more materials. On the other hand production of blinds is easy and can be performed with less expenditures. Blinds are cheaper than curtains.

Light Control System:   Blinds control the light more effectively thanks to its advanced operating system. A person can adjust the incoming light to a large extent and that is the reason for its immense popularity among the people.

Dust Resistive:  Dust can be absorbed by curtains quickly while blinds are not good absorbers of dust and thus it is more hygienic and is easy to clean compared to curtains.

Space Occupation:   Blinds take less space to occupy. Curtains occupy more space and cover up the actual length of the room. Apart from it, blinds look appropriate where the rooms are small and windows are in bunches.

Last Longer:  These are made of hard material and take a long time to scrape. Replacement takes a long time compared to a piece of cloth which can be torn or become out of order in a short span of time.

Advanced Looking: One of the best features of blinds is advanced looking. Although curtains have plenty of designs and textures, people prefer blinds and suppose it as an advanced replacement of curtains.

Consequently, as per the market assessment, the demand for blinds is on rise due to its advanced features and mostly recommended for office use.

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