Why Do Earwigs Invade Your House?

Like all other pests, earwigs also infest your house when they see a potential scope to fulfill their necessities. In some cases, weather conditions force them to come indoors. 

Like all other pests, Earwigs need food and shelter, but they also need moisture to survive.

If you have noticed signs of earwig infestation, ensure to get help from the Live Oak pest control service. Pest experts provide the best solutions when you have problems with pests. 

  • Earwigs seek food

Earwigs are not the way termites are because they don’t attack your house foundation and not ants because they don’t even Bukit tunnels like them. Earwigs are harmless, non-destructive and your house provides them with their necessities like a safe place for hiding and various opportunities for food. These creatures are very selective about food and eat rotten vegetables, plants, and fallen fruits. Indoor ones go for garbage like small crumbs, leftover food on tabletops, and spilled food in your utensils. All of this provides adequate nutrition to them. 

  • Earwigs seek shelter

One of the reasons for invasion can be the search for shelter due to harsh weather conditions. If the climatic conditions are extremely hot or cold outside, these creatures invade inside the house even though the tiniest cracks can be seen multiplying in quick succession. These are commonly found around doorways, like at the back of the door or in the areas where it is easy to hide with complete access to food and water, such as in the kitchen. 

  • Earwigs seek moisture

These creatures are best suited in moist soil, rotten vegetables, or wet leaves in their natural habitat. Moreover, earwigs can find many places inside your house which can be comfortable for them. Areas such as kitchen, bathroom sinks, basements, and even crawl spaces have complete access to moist conditions that are even temperature friendly. 

How to get rid of these creatures? 

Some tips you can follow include:

  • You must vacuum daily, which not only cleans the wandering earwigs from the floors but also eliminates food sources. Vacuuming will help to get rid of earwigs. 
  • You can place an exhaust or fan in some damp areas of the house, like the bathroom or kitchen. It will delete all the house’s moist conditions, forcing earwigs to move outside. 
  • Earwigs usually enter through doors, windows, and even tiny cracks. Apply window seals properly and put a cloth under the doors to prevent this.

If the tips mentioned above have failed you, do not worry. You can always contact a professional pest control service provider; they can clean up your apartment and ensure no earwigs are left.

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