How to add character to your interiors

They say that home is where the heart is, and sometimes our heart’s desires change over time. Many of us have spent more time in our own homes over last year than ever before, and maybe realised that it lacks character.

Our homes should reflect the personality of those living in it – and it can be surprisingly easy to make little modifications that go a long way to achieve this.

Whether it’s a splash of bold paint on the walls or the addition of a classic chandelier to

transform a simple room, adding character to your home can be effortless and easy with our tips.

Colour me surprised

Nothing livens up a dull space more than colour. Throwing in some rich colourful cushions or

bold artwork can instantly energize a plain and simple room and adds personality. You could

even be a little more ambitious and repaint a room or feature walls in bright punchy tones to

give it a beautifully distinctive feel.

Image Source: Graham & Brown

Add signature focal pieces

Any room can be transformed by adding a singular item into the mix that draws instant attention. Maybe a vintage rug? Upgrading from your bean bag to an entire sofa? Or changing those dingy lamps to a signature chandelier? A focal piece can completely transform a room and tie it together, amplifying the style of the space to it’s true potential.

Switch up your lighting

Lighting is instrumental in elevating the ambiance of any room. Chandeliers, lamps, pendant lighting…there’s certainly many ways to illuminate your home. Play to the strengths of each individual space – elegant lamps and dainty ceiling mounted lights are perfect for small rooms, whilst stunning centrepiece lighting like chandeliers and pendant lights work beautifully for larger spaces.

Liven up those walls

Chances are if your walls are painted a simple neutral tone, you’re going to feel a lack of personality and character. Adorn your walls with vibrant and classy art pieces, elegant mirrors, fancy wall clocks or stylish wallpaper to rejuvenate a stagnant space. After all, a wall is but a canvas upon which you can bring your personality to life.

Image Source: Buster & Punch

Layer different textures

Layering different textures is a delicate art of blending the rough with the smooth to create a truly beautiful finish. Use contrasting fabrics for different elements of the room such as the sofa, curtains and/or blinds, lampshades, rugs etc to add a multi-dimensional feel. You could also create an arrangement of creative objects and decorate your space with plants, ornaments or other textured accessories to complete the look, amplifying the spirit of the room.

Build some character

Each room should be treated as one would treat themselves and others – an individual with endless potential. Award-winning Australian designer David Hicks once said: “The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.” What does your home say about you?

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