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Some of The Common Reasons for AC Condenser Problems in Singapore

Singapore being a tropical country, the climate mostly remains quite hot and humid and hence the air conditioners are one of the necessities that every family needs. Living comfortably in Singapore without any air conditioner is not easy. However, you may often encounter certain occasional challenges when your AC will not function properly and you need ac repair rochester, ny.

At any time, when you realize that your AC is not working perfectly or has become inefficient, that will mean you may have certain issues with the condenser of your air conditioner. Most of the split AC or centralised AC has 2 separate units – an indoor and another outdoor unit.

Your outdoor unit of the AC is called the condenser. It consists of a blower and the compressor, and also the condenser coil. The indoor unit, on the other hand, passes air out from the evaporator, and both units are interlinked through a pipe, which will run through the walls.

The AC condenser unit may often create an issue in Singapore, and you can always take the help of one professional company called Airconservicing.org, which can offer you an affordable air conditioning maintenance service at an affordable cost.

What are the reasons for AC condenser problems?

The following are few reasons identified that can cause condenser problems in your AC.

1.     Filter

One of the most common reasons for problems in your AC can be due to dirty filters and humidity present in the atmosphere can fail your condenser unit.

2.     Power supply issues

Whenever you notice any condenser issue then immediately you must check the conditions of the power supplies that can often be the culprit.

3.     Compressors

The compressor is one of the vital parts of your AC and if it fails to operate then you will not get any cool air as the refrigeration will cease to function.

4.     Capacitors

If the capacitor fails then the compressor motor will not receive the power and the fans will not work. Your AC will fail to provide cool air.

5.     Evaporator coils

Evaporator coils can often become corroded, but if these coils are placed inside, then they will typically require maintenance after every 3 years.

6.     Condenser coils

These coils are located outside along with the compressor and often become too dirty due to various elements. It is necessary to clean them by using water spray a minimum of once a year.

7.     Leaking coolant

The coolant flows between indoor and outdoor through pipes and in case they start leaking then you need to immediately contact the technicians.

8.     Frozen condenser

This is another problem that may often happen in the AC due to which it stops functioning.

9.     Worn contactor

Often due to arching on the contactor, electrical current fails to pass and cannot start the compressor motor.

10. Drainage

If the drain path gets clogged due to dust and debris it can cause damage to your AC unit.

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