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Maintaining Building Exterior Facade in Singapore

Have you ever wondered how they cleaned the windows of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings? How do they manage to keep the facade clear and smudge-free? One solution you may think of is to send people to climb up the windows and manually wipe the glass themselves. However, does that not seem too dangerous?  

With that, building facade cleaning enters the picture. Our initial guess was technically right: companies send people up the tall buildings to clean the windows. However, this is a risky and expensive process. Thus, some tend to neglect their building facade, which leads to the accumulation of dirt over the years. Filth severely and negatively impacts the impression that their building leaves. The dirty building facade makes the company look unprofessional. 

The solution to this problem is to hire rope access cleaning services. With that, companies can clean their buildings without endangering the lives of their employees. By hiring competent cleaning services with the tried and tested rope access technique, your building will look more professional than ever.

What Is Rope Access Cleaning?

Rope access cleaning is the solution to filthy building walls and windows. Through rope access cleaning and maintenance, you ensure that the facade of your building is free of stains and dirt. Competent professional cleaners often employ this technique.

Cleaners utilize nylon ropes with expert mechanisms to ensure that the building’s exterior is spick and span. These workers attach themselves to an anchor. Then, this anchor shall be attached to the roof. By then, the worker can now descend the building, cleaning windows and walls one floor at a time. Rope access cleaning is the safest and most efficient facade cleaning method in the industry.

Rope access cleaning is vital to businesses that lease or sell their buildings. An aesthetically pleasing facade will be necessary to attract prospective clients. Moreover, other establishments such as restaurants, hospitals, and hotels should also avail of this service. With this, they maintain an image of hospitality and cleanliness.

About Us

Greetings! We are B2S Group Singapore. Our company takes pride in our earned reputation through the cleaning services we offer. Our cleaning services remain consistent and reliable over the years—our excellent work has never let our clients down. 

We strive hard to meet your expectations by giving you only the service you deserve. We understand that a building must be as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. We know how the establishment is at the forefront of your business. Thus, we are here to help you project the best impression to your clients. 

Availing of our services is the best decision your company will ever make. The long-term benefits we bring you will be worth every dollar that you spend. If you are a Singapore-based business in need of facade cleaning, contact us! We will make sure that your building exterior puts its best foot forward. Together, we shall achieve the best results. See you!

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