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What are the most demanded rugs nowadays?

Every year, new trends define the world of interior decoration. Rugs play a major role in this concern. Rugs are the need of the society; they provide elegance, beauty and color to the house and make it attractive. In fact, they provide the finishing touch to a house that we have only dreamt of. Most of the people think of buying the rugs that are trending for their home. To make it easier for you, we have summarized the complete list of the rugs here in this article. Below is the list of rugs that are in trend and are mostly demanded nowadays.

1) Natural Fibers

Natural materials, such as wool and silk, have always been at the pinnacle of the rug world. However, many designs this year are taking things a step further towards nature. Undyed and lightly dyed rugs made with eco-friendly materials, such as sisal, are growing increasingly popular. Jute is another highly desirable option currently. Many of these fibers are increasingly soft and luxurious. Wool and silk have always been premium quality. However, other natural options are providing a pleasant feel and creating the types of cozy, welcoming environments we are all seeking. The strength of some of jute and sisal has also led to a rise in indoor-outdoor

2) Layering

Layering a rug on top of a carpet or another rug has been really picking up steam. This is arguably an old-fashioned style. However, it is going strong in 2020. Layering of rugs can help in increasing the durability and the reliability of the rugs. This is a powerful tool in open-concept spaces and larger rooms. For example, in a carpeted living room, you could use a rug to define a seating area while keeping other spaces more open and flexible. From a visual perspective, layering creates some interesting opportunities to add depth. Alternatively, mix two bolder patterns together to create a stunning aesthetic.

3) Patterned Area Rugs

Area rugs are a staple of interior decoration. The beautiful, complex patterns mixed with the artistry of their creation make these rugs highly sought-after. However, there are numerous other styles, such as Moroccan rugs, that can deliver on this design also. Mixing patterns is also growing increasingly popular. Rather than only pairing boldly patterned rugs with quiet furniture, many designers are layering patterns together. This can be risky, but it is beautiful when it pays off.

4) Hand-Woven Rugs

Handmade rugs have always fetched a premium because they are so challenging to make. This keeps the supply relatively low and makes them very desirable. The prevalence of relatively cheap, machine-made rugs has helped to fuel even greater demand for genuine, hand-crafted ones. Artisans are pushing the limits more with advanced weaving techniques, such as combining high and low piles, to create depth. Many people love rugs created by communities where the rug-making skill set is passed down from generation to generation. It adds a sense of history to the rug. Many of those rugs can be passed down by the owners thanks to their durability and quality.

5) Neutral Hues

Although many designers are getting bold with their patterns, neutral hues are picking up steam also. These color choices help make homes feel more inviting and welcoming. Neutral and earth tones are a reaction against many of the bolder options that could seem cold and distant.

6) Dhurrie Rugs

This style of rug from South Asia has recently come into the forefront of many design trends. They are often made of natural materials including cotton, wool, jute and silk. The patterns are typically colorful. Some designs are bold and geometric, whereas others are more intricate. Durries are flat-woven rather than made with piles. They are also relatively thin compared to other types of rugs. This creates a pleasant, soft feel that can be very enjoyable in the right space. These go very well with cozy, well-lit spaces.

Get Your Ideal Rug

In this article we have discussed both practical rugs for use as floor coverings and beautiful art investment rugs for display. Most people prefer to select things according to the interest and trend going on. For this reason we have discussed completely all the reasons and have made it easy for you.

Stay blessed and happy!

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