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Is Your Garbage Disposal Leaking?

A garbage disposal is a must in Surrey and having one is only going to benefit you until it is not leaking. The worse part here is that people do not come to know if their garbage disposal is leaking. And, by the time they come to know, it is too late for a repair. Honestly, this is the same with all kinds of plumbing issues at home. You will never come to know if you need a plumber in North Surrey. We have seen our clients hunting for good plumbers when the time is short. Due to this, we thought of giving you all an idea of how a garbage disposal leak will look like and how you must look after your entire plumbing system and schedule regular maintenance so that things are sorted for you Plumber North Surrey .

Garbage disposal only gives you the convenience to add to your kitchen clean-up. With a fully functional garbage disposal, you know where to dispose your left over food and as you stuff in more and more food particles, the chances of a garbage disposal leak is more. We are here to tell you some common causes of such leaks and where might they stem from. Keep reading..

The most likely cause of a garbage disposal leak is a loose sink Flange. Let us tell you what is a sink flange. Sink flange is a piece that connects the garbage disposal to the sink drain. The garbage disposal are typically attached to your sink via flange and the putty. The leaks occur when the connection between the sink flange and the sink drain isn’t proper and tight enough to hold the stuff put inside. The connection can be corroded over a period of time and here is what you can do to suspect in case your connection is failing:

You must check the mounting bolts properly because these mounting bolts should connect to the flange and to the drain. You must ensure that these are fastened tightly.

The next thing you should check is the plumber’s putty. In case, the plumber’s putty is not fixed and has been compromised for some reason, you should loosen the bolts, apply a new putty and re-tighten the bolts.

If your garbage disposal is leaking from the side, the likely cause of the same would be drain line connection. In most of the cases, we connect the drain pipe of the dishwasher to the garbage disposal. The drain pipe removes the excess debris and water from the dishwasher and channelize them to the garbage disposal. If there is a problem there, you need to get it checked.

If you need a professional plumber in Surrey, we can help you.

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