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How to use rustic decor in your home?

If you like rustic decor, you like to let nature invade your space. Rustic is not synonymous with precarious: rustic decor can be both elegant and uncluttered. No matter what your intention is: if you like a warm and welcoming environment, with a look that has presence and personality, you will fall in love with this style. Want to know how to use rustic decor in your home? Here are some practical tips on how to make your space rustic and authentic. 

Wood furniture

Of all materials, wood is certainly the star of rustic decor. Enjoy its natural beauty, letting the wood appear as it is. It can be on the floor, wall covering, furniture and decorative pieces. To give an aesthetic effect, buy rosewood furniture online at affordable prices form the antique Chinese rosewood furniture. In addition to decorating, it brings warmth and life to the environment, leaving the decor cozy and powerful.

If you like a stripped-down look, choose furniture that uses wood as naturally as possible: pieces of trunk and uneven surfaces will make your space very original. For coverings, prefer those that are really wood. Artificial finishes that imitate wood are not as original. Wood is a material that sharpens several senses: it is beautiful to see, it has a warm and soft touch, it makes the sound more muffled and the environment quiet. That is why it is so valuable in decorating a home, especially in the rustic style.

Natural materials

Of course, it is not only wood that prevails in rustic decoration. Other materials are also welcome, especially those of natural origin: stone, brick and ceramic look great as a floor and wall finish. Natural fibers and leather are also beautiful, and can be on the carpet, curtains, upholstery or blankets. Natural materials bring life, have calm colors and liven up the decor with its stimulating and delightful textures. Play to combine more than one material, taking advantage of this potential to give the face you want to your space. To break the weight of these materials and balance the look, use glass. It can be on the table top or in decorative objects.

Earthy colors

The rustic decor looks great with neutral colors, balancing light and dark tones. White, black, gray, nude and cream make up very well with wood and other natural materials. They refer to the colors of nature and maintain the warmth of the rustic decor. If you want to heat the room well, use a shade of red on the wall. You can combine it with furniture in shades of brown, such as wood and leather, creating a more sober and intimate environment. If you want something lighter and happier, add color to specific objects, such as pillows and paintings. Mustard and moss green will leave the atmosphere alive and in a good mood.

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