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Solving Your Family’s Pest Control Woes

Pests, pests everywhere! Your home is your castle, but these invaders don’t seem to understand that. They’re attracted to the warmth and food you provide and take advantage of a weakness in your defenses. Make protection a priority by following our suggestions for pest control.

Know Your Enemy

It’s important to know what type of pest you’re dealing with before taking action against it. Identifying which animals or insects are causing the issue will help you find the right solution. For example, if you have a mouse problem, don’t reach for an insecticide.

Schedule Regular Bug Checks

It’s easy to understand why so many homes have pest problems—we keep inviting them in! One of the most common ways to do this is with food left in high places. To ensure that your pantry or cabinets are safe from pests such as ants and mice, make sure labels are facing outward and use the proper food container for each type of product. You can also place all food in sealed plastic containers.

Exposing the Enemy

Pest control services are available from professionals, but you can also help by properly disposing of their waste. Ants like to store their nests within stucco walls or in wood. To get rid of them, use an absorbent spray or a small amount of soapy water to rub into cracks around the outside of your home and underneath your outdoor furniture.

Make sure to dispose of all food scraps in the trash, and don’t leave anything on or around your trash can that might attract pests. This includes dirty dishes or even citrus peels.

The ants will smell these substances and come to investigate. Once they’re inside your trash can, they’ll be difficult to remove.

Get the Most for Your Investment

Pests aren’t picky—they’ll eat just about anything. To them, a tasty treat is anything you leave out or forget about. Your best protection is to keep a clean house by taking time to wipe down surfaces and seal food in storage containers. Use the tips above to help you make your home as inhospitable as possible to pests.

If you still have an insect problem, consider using an environmentally safe solution if possible. Boric acid dust is effective against ants, spiders and roaches; it’s also safe for children and pets as long as it’s used according to directions.

You can purchase boric acid in bulk at many home improvement stores, and it’s available in liquid form for use as a fogger.

Know the Numbers

The Pest Management Association (PMA) believes that prevention is the best solution. Make sure your investments in pest control are effective by making sure you know what you’re investing in. PMA Compendium of Integrated Pest Management Guidelines is an invaluable resource to help you find the right solutions for your situation.

This National publication is the most comprehensive resource available for dealers and pest management professionals. It’s available as a printed book and also in the form of an online database.

Be advised that you may need to contact a licensed pest control specialist, like this California pest control company, for help in areas where you don’t have access to local resources or advice.

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