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Familiar pests in industrial areas and tips to get rid of them

Pests infest workspaces every once in a while. At the work place, such infestations contribute to unsanitary conditions and disruption of operations. Talk of diseases to employees, loss of stock, and a general decline in profits. Industrial pests vary from region to region. To curb these adverse effects, let’s have a quick look at familiar pests in industrial areas;

  1. Birds

Birds are ubiquitous and often nest in industrial areas. Due to deforestation, these creatures have to find space in the workplaces. Birds often house themselves in warehouses. They build nests in the rafters of warehouses. Birds make their nest at places higher to reach compared to other pests.

Main Challenges posed

  • Bird droppings
  • Spread diseases and pathogens
  • Damage property and products


Birds are tough to control because they can quickly fly away and come back later. The standard methods of bird control are

  • Using wire barriers to keep the birds away
  • Administering shock treatments where laws allow
  • Erecting spikes near rafters
  1. Rodents

Rats, mice, squirrels, and wombats are the most common rodents in industrial areas. They enter the factories through holes and crevices. They can remain hidden during the day and wreak havoc at night.

Main Challenges posed

  • Rats spread diseases through mites on their fur and pose a health threat
  • Rodents can gnaw and feed on anything especially electrical installations
  • Rodents breed quickly in food warehouses and processing
  • Destroy factory and warehouse equipment
  • Contamination of food


Rodents’ control is elusive due to them finding new places to live and first breeding. You can control them through:

  • Keeping grass at workplaces and cutting tall bushes
  • Having lids on trashcans
  • Using traps and baits
  • Erecting physical barriers
  1. Flies

Houseflies are spread infections all over as well as being annoying. Flies enter workspaces through open doors, windows, or ventilation. Though flies have shot live spans, they breed in hundreds

Main Challenges posed

  • Flies are culprits to food poisoning at work and the spreading of diseases
  • Be irritating and annoying
  • May bite, depending on the type
  • source of contamination to food and food packaging
  • Ruin business reputation, especially food businesses


Flies need proactive solutions to rid current infestation and also reduce future disaster.

  • Use traps at key entry points like wire gauze
  • Increase high sanitation standards
  • Use of Ultraviolet insect light traps (ILTS) to attract and capture insects.
  • Caulking
  1. Cockroaches

Roaches are found in all departments as long as there are areas to hide. Do you know they come through merchandise? They can live in wood and cardboard boxes.

Main Challenges posed

  • Spread diseases including typhoid
  • They trigger allergies
  • Trigger allergens and allergy symptoms
  • Reduce the morale of employees.



Pests can harm a company’s reputation as well as cause losses. The best way to handle the four main pests is by contacting professionals. Use the mentioned preventive measure in your factory to keep pests at bay. For best pest removal services in South London, You can contact Pest Exterminators.

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