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Edward Paul Patella Explains the Different Types of Architecture Used for American Homes

Edward Paul Patella is a real estate investor who loves older and historic homes. One of the things that he loves so much about these homes is the fact that they have a lot of character and charm, thanks to their architectural style. One of the questions that people often ask is what type of architecture was used for American homes. There are over 30 different architectural styles of homes throughout the country. Read on as Mr. Patella talks about some of his favorite styles. 

Edward Paul Patella Says Colonial-Style Homes Are Popular on the East Coast

Edward Paul Patella says that one of the oldest architectural styles of homes found in the United States is the colonial-style home. Colonial-style homes date back to the 1600s, when British colonists first came to settle on the east coast of the United States. These types of homes are easily spotted because they have some unique features. They are two-story homes that have a perfectly-centered front door and a side gable roof. They also feature perfectly centered windows on both sides of the door. If you picture the quintessential family home that you would expect to see portrayed in movies, you likely envision a colonial-style home. 

Edward Paul Patella Explains Craftsman-Style Homes Have Unique Architectural Details

Edward Paul Patella says that Craftsman-style homes became very popular in America after the industrial revolution, during what is known as the arts and crafts period. If you could picture a log cabin and a home mixing to make a baby, you could probably envision the craftsman-style home in your mind. This rustic home often has a lot of woodwork both inside and out. It is typically painted in very rustic colors as well, including wood tones, reds, and greens. It features a low-pitched roof that has overhanging eaves to add interest and design. And of course, it has a patio, so you can sit outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

Edward Paul Patella States Ranch Style Homes Defined America

Edward Paul Patella says that one of the most common American homes was in the architectural style of a ranch home. A ranch home is a single-story home that typically is either U- or L-shaped. These types of homes became extremely popular in the 1940s and only gained in popularity as hit shows, such as The Brady Bunch, featured these beautiful family-style homes. This home is usually quite simple, but quite functional as well. The home often features a door near the crux of the U or L, has a low-hanging sloped roof, and traditionally connects to either a basement, garage or both. 

Edward Paul Patella has a love of architecture and homes. This has led him to spend a lot of his time purchasing older historical homes and then renovating them. This helps to make them newer and more modern, while still having all of the character and charm that was found in the homes when they were first constructed many decades ago. 

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