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Bathroom ideas for small space

A small space can often be pretty problematic in your house. However it isn’t that big of a problem if you have creative ideas. It is necessary that you have a modern, stylish and practical knowledge. It is necessary that you know the basic aspects so that you can work with fixtures. If you know how to save up the space in your bathroom, you can eventually lead to an uncluttered and perfect bathroom. 

Install a floating vanity or trough sink

A floating vanity is your great solution if you want to get over a small space. The floating vanity can be hung on the wall which will ensure there is enough space around thereby making your bathroom space appear big. 

You might as well prefer choosing an under-mounted sink to get maximum impact. A stylish sink bowl can serve the purpose perfectly too. The sinks when installed properly can provide a clean and minimal look. As a result, you will be able to save up on a lot of space. 

Have a towel rack on the door

If you have a really small bathroom space, you may prefer adding the towel rack on the door. Well, it is necessary that you find the perfect spot for handing the towels. Attaching the towel rack or bar to the floor can help to save space and also make it easy for you to grab the towels. If you have a lot of towels, make sure to have a closet, but somewhere else in your house. 

Have an over-shower bath

If you are looking for a bath and a shower in the bathroom, you need to be careful with it especially if the space in your bathroom is limited. You can either combine both or attach a hose on the bath. Although it is not the best solution, it can help you for a significant amount of time. Furthermore, this also ensures that you get easy workable solutions over the time. 

Go for tall storages

If you do not have enough space in your bathroom, you need to get enough space for tall storage. Narrow tall storages can make it easy for you to store things. A lot of storage options are available in the market, right from traditional to vintage. All these will have a practical space that will help to empty up the space. 

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