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Common Mistakes People Make While Buying a Condo and How to Avoid Them  

There is definitely a different level of thrill and excitement when you are about to buy your own condo unit. After a long time, you are going to have your own personal space and for this, you will make a big investment to ensure that everything goes well and smoothly. 

The experience is so exciting that you end up considering the small things and these small things might get in the way of completely enjoying your amber sea new launch condominium

However, if you want to assure that nothing comes in your way, you need to be prepared well in advance. 

Below-stated are some common mistakes that people make while buying a condo:

  • Not getting a pre-approved loan 

In the thought of having a condo unit, you might be preoccupied and ignore getting a loan pre-approved beforehand. 

When you get a loan approved well in advance that you need to pay for your unit, it becomes easy to know what price range you will be qualifying for. In this way, you will also not go beyond your budget. 

Until and unless you have completely paid for your property, a pre-approved loan is going to assist you in safe payment.  

  • Trusting a real estate agent too much 

Taking the assistance of a real estate agent is important because they know everything about the condo you are planning to take in Singapore. They can guide you around but remember that the decision completely depends upon you. Never depend upon the entire decision of a real estate agent. 

Take your time and visit each condo unit so that you know what all options are available and what best each one can offer you. Remember it is going to be your purchase, so the entire decision should be yours not of a real estate agent. 

  • Not setting a budget

Just out of the excitement, some people forget to set a budget and later find difficulty in paying the payment. With proper understanding and awareness about the payment process beforehand, you can easily buy the condo of your dream in a stress-free manner. 

It is necessary to have a financial plan beforehand this will help you in focusing on completing the payments for a condo on time. 

  • Spending more than you expected

Although this ties together all the expenditures that you will make when buying or renting a condo but mostly it has to do with getting persuaded by the sweet talk of the real estate agent. 

This is the time when you need to be in control and stick to your budget. Instead of pushing you to spend more, your real estate agent should help in finding a condo that is affordable & luxurious. 

Therefore, if you wish to buy or rent a condo in Singapore then consider Amber Sea which is located at a prime location and nearby all the public amenities. 


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