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Can You Identify the Renovations Which Will Boost Your ROI?

You will believe that expensive renovations are necessary to sell your house if you only look at the magazines and TV shows. However, you can ‘over-upgrade’ your house. This will cost you more time and money.

Having said this, if you are finding that completing such upgrades to your home are more than you can afford, but still want to sell your home, then companies that buy houses for cash might be your best bet. These companies will pay you can for your home no matter it’s current condition. What this means is that you do no have to invest any money into your home in order to make a sale.

Conversely, if you plan to stay in your home for the foreseeable future, then making upgrades to your home probably makes a lot of sense.

What upgrades will provide the best return on your investment?

Take A Look At Your Competition

The cost of selling your house should not be a barrier to your profits. This is why you might start looking in your own backyard. You can get a good idea of the things that will sell your house quickly by looking at what is being sold. Open houses and showings are a great way to get a feel for the house. Your home might have a few unique features that are not found in other comparable homes. Hardwood floors are very popular right now, and you might need to replace your carpet with hardwood flooring if the competition has it. If all of the homes in your area have linoleum flooring, but your home has tiled bathrooms, this is something you should highlight to potential home buyers.

Upgrading the Flooring

It’s a good idea to remove carpet from hardwood floors. You should stick to neutral colors if you plan to replace your carpet. You should fix any cracked or chipped tiles before anyone visits your house. Ceramic tile is beautiful, but it can be costly for many homes.

Give Your Home A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Although you may not believe buyers will be interested in your ceilings, they will inspect them for roof damage, water leakage, and other structural issues. Don’t allow buyers to mistake staining for structural damage. Repaint the ceiling to remove smudging.

The same information applies to your walls. There may be cracks or holes in your walls from years of living and abuse. You should repair any damage to walls, and then paint them in a neutral color. This will make your home appear larger and more popular amongst the most people. You should get rid of any wallpaper that you own. It is unlikely that someone else will have the same taste in wallpaper as you. Fresh paint will attract the most people to your home.

Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen can have a significant return on investment. If you’re thinking about making renovations, begin with your bathroom and kitchen. Examine the handles on your cabinet doors and faucets. Are they outdated? You might consider replacing them with sleeker, more modern designs like chrome. You might consider resurfacing or repainting your cabinets. Your kitchen should look spotless at all times.

Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom will return a lot of money just like the kitchen. Start by cleaning the bathroom to get rid of all dirt. Then, go back to re-evaluate how it looks. The bathroom should be updated with modern lighting fixtures, sleek faucets and attractive cabinets.

Traditional buyers are looking for homes that can be moved in quickly. Minor updates or repairs can help to speed up the sale.

You Can Save Money When You Renovate Your Home

Staging your home is an important part of a quick sale. You want your home to be ready for your first listing. You don’t need to remodel or make major updates if your home is in good condition. You don’t have to spend a lot of money staging your home. These are some ideas to give your home an updated, modern look that doesn’t break the bank.

Keep Your Body Clean

Although it is simple, it can be quite difficult, especially if you live in the house. You should make sure you clean the house regularly and are always available to show it. Also, ensure that high-traffic areas get extra attention.

Get Rid of Clutter

Knick knacks, ornaments, and other decorative items make rooms look smaller. Unique items can also prevent buyers from envisioning their lives in your home. You want your buyers to focus on their futures and not your past. You should also get rid of any religious or cultural items.

Take Some Furniture Home

You might have to move smaller pieces of furniture, as they can become clutter, especially if you have a lot. You don’t want to throw away everything, but you want the space to feel complete. While you’re trying to sell your house, consider borrowing items from friends and family. Craigslist is a great place to find inexpensive or free items, especially if it’s something you can haul away.

Instead Of Refinishing Hardwood Floors, Top Coat Them.

Hardwood floors are a popular choice for home buyers in today’s market. Even if they are not perfect, they are still considered an upgrade to carpeted floors. If the floor has become stained or lost its color, don’t spend too much time refinishing it. You can lightly sand the floor before applying a topcoat of finish. The finish can be applied in a matter of hours, allowing for overnight drying.

Get Old Fixtures Painted Black

You might consider painting your outdoor fixtures black if they are old. It’s possible to give your house a modern look by painting them well.

Your Brass Fixtures should be “Age”.

Although brass was a big trend decades ago, it looks old now. However, antique brass is becoming more popular. You might consider staining the brass rather than replacing it. You can give brass fixtures an aged look with a variety of products available at hardware stores.

Paint Only One Room

You might want to paint large rooms with personalization. However, a smaller room such as a child’s bedroom or closet can be left alone. This will usually not make or break a sale. These smaller projects can often be left to the buyer as they are the types of things that buyers will change regardless of what you do. Focus on the larger rooms and forget about the smaller ones. It might also be cheaper to just paint the walls and not the trim. This way, you only need one color of paint.

In Conclusion

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on updating your house. Selling your home quickly does not directly correlate with how fast it sells. It is all about creating a welcoming, finished space that allows potential home buyers to see the value of your space for their lifestyle.


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