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All You Need to Know About Macerator Pump

The term “Pump” is quite wide and has various types. Each pump has distinctive use and capacity. The selection of the pump is mainly done based on its application. One such pump with distinctive application is macerator pump. It has specialized application and here is everything that you need to know about this pump. 

What are Macerators?

Macerator is the pump that is used to pump out the waste from the toilets and other areas along with the regular waste drainage system. This ensures faster clearance and hygienic living conditions. It is not same as regular water transfer pump as it is capable of draining the waste material along with water. 

How to Install? 

Installation of macerator may differ as per its make and design. Check out the user manual before installation as there are key instructions that need to be followed in order to get best results. It is always recommended to call for expert assistance in order to avoid any damage. Most of the sellers offer installation of the macerator as part of their service and it is good to opt for the same. 

What is the standard life? 

There is no guarantee on the lifespan of macerator; however it has been observed that a good macerator with standard usage will last up to 15 years. Like any other machine, the life of macerator is also decided by its use. For normal domestic waste, the life of the macerator is at least 10 years. If the same macerator is in constant use and handles large quantity of waste then its life can be as less as 3 years too. All depends on the maintenance, service, and usage pattern. 

How much does it cost?

The cost of the macerator solely depends on its make and design. Every manufacturer opts for different pricing. Even the maintenance, installation, and service costs differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is always good to take into account all these costs while making a buying decision. 

There are many companies offering pumps for various applications. It is always good to call an expert to find the right solution for your requirement. 

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