What to Do If You Spot Rats in Your Yard in Algonquin

Eliminating Rats

Rats are a common issue in homes. However, these rodents can also pose a threat to human health. They can spread diseases like leptospirosis, the plague, and hantavirus. Also, they can damage home wiring and insulation. 

Finding rats in your yard can be worrisome and scary. Thankfully, Algoquin pest control experts can suggest different methods to eliminate these pests. Before you start an elimination method, you should first identify if you are dealing with Norway rats, roof rats, or house mice. Norway rats are larger than black ones. They tend to stay outdoors throughout the year. Roof rats spend a lot of time indoors in winter to survive. 

Eliminating Rats from Your Yard

Eliminating Rats

To keep your property free of rats, here are methods you can try:

  • Traps. Rat traps can effectively help keep rats and other rodents out of your property. Some traps have poison baits and others use spring-action mechanisms to instantly kill rats. 
  • Rodenticides. These poisonous substances can kill rats when absorbed through their skin or ingested. They are available at hardware stores and must be used only in areas with minimal foot traffic. 
  • Repellents. Garlic or peppermint can be an alternative to rodenticides. They can repel rats from your yard without harming them directly. But pick a method that doesn’t harm your pets that might ingest the substance.
  • Fumigation. This involves putting gases inside the attic, crawlspace, or other enclosed spaces. This way, the gases are absorbed through the surfaces. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Using Rat Baits and Poisons

When you use rat baits and poisons, familiarize yourself with the laws in your state that govern the use of such substances. To guarantee safety, these products must be used outside of your home. Baits and poisons are potent and can harm other animals and people. Placing them inside your house can cause rats to spread them around. Also, rats that have ingested the poison may die in areas that are hard to reach, posing issues for cleanup and disposal. 

Cutting Off Food Supply

To make your home less attractive to rats, take away their food sources. Place your trash in secure containers and do not allow trash to lie on the ground. Also, keep the yard clean. If there are pets in your house, do not leave their food bowls out overnight. 

Getting Rid of Debris and Debris Piles

The more debris you have, the more spots that rats have to hide. Remember also that rats are drawn to sources of food and water. If your property has fruit trees and a garden, rats are attracted to it. if you do not want these rodents there, ensure they cannot get into such areas. Pest control experts can recommend methods to prevent rats from invading your property.

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